Friday, May 31, 2013

7 {Super} Quick Takes Friday - Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhh, Friday.  Do you know how much I love you??

Since I don't have any earth-shattering news to report about the week, I thought I would just share the highlight, which was definitely our super-fun family slip-n-slide/BBQ party over Memorial weekend! 
- 1. -
 All for one, and one for all!  Lily white chests and hard earned farmer tans rule.
- 2. -
A dishsoapy chest is the key to a successful slide.
- 3. -
Let's show these boys how it's done, honey!
- 4. -
"Surfing" on the snow sled is the next level of crazy.  The parents passed on that one.
- 5. -

In the individual "who can go the furthest" contest, me lover made it all the way to the grass and I was a big fat loser (I blame friction.  A naked chest is an obvious advantage.)  But, I did get a healthy dose of water in the eyes and up the nose thanks to my son, Henry, "washing" the soap off of my face.
- 6. -
 Sweet Charlie, in his little happy place.
- 7. -
The Warriors.
Have a Wonderful Weekend, Friends!!

Thank you, Jen, for hosting!!


  1. Oh my - look at all that fun! And, dish on the swimsuit. Yours is awesome! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. What a great post! I smiled through the whole thing! What a fun family day.

    And those lily white chests (and thighs), nicely set off by killer farmer tans? I remember those!

    God bless your little group of warriors!

  3. Love your cute retro swimsuit!

  4. I think the shot of you careening head first on the slip 'n' slide has got to win first prize for "best Catholic mama blog photo ever". If I wasn't pregnant, I would be tempted to get out the old tarp and do my level best to get my husband to take one just like it for the kids baby books! You guys are a great and crazy bunch and the joy comes through in these pics. :)

  5. Looks like an awesome day of family and fun!!
    Love the family picture!!

  6. That is the ULTIMATE slip n slide, surfing and all, wow! I don't think I look that awesome on a slip n slide though. There's only one way to find out...... ;) Happy Summer!

  7. Why, oh why, have I never thought to use a big tarp for a slip-n-slide??? We always use the little ones I buy on clearance at the end of summer, which are too small and fall apart to easily. This summer, we are pulling out the big piece of plastic!
    You are one of my favorite families. Not only do you create fun things for your boys, you jump in and enjoy the activities with them. Awesome.

  8. LOVE these pictures! Looks like a great day of family fun! Love your house full of boys! Great stuff!

    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose


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