Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Favorites ~ Sweetness!

I'm really starting to look forward to Wednesday's Five Favorites link-up hosted by the fabulous Hallie at Moxie Wife.  It's a fun platform to write from, yes, but reading what others have to share is really the best part!! If you're a blogger and you're reading this, you should join us! Link it, baby, link it!  Now, that I'm through cyber-pressuring my readers, here are my (sweet) fives for the week:

Ahh, Spring, you know that season that is supposed to guide us out of the blinding winter and ease us into the inferno of summer??? Yeah, she ain't be round here neither.  I miss her.  I miss her much.  I bought some of this delightful fragrance last year at the duty free shop in Switzerland when I went to visit my sister, Sara.  It really is spring in a spritz.  One whiff of perfumes of any type typically give me a raging headache, but not this one, it's very merciful.
Sweet Sips:  Fever Tree Tonic 
(I must also give props to their Ginger Beer for for a dandyMoscow Mule
A couple of years ago, my lover and I were sitting at the bar of P.F. Chang's, sans children, and we lost our minds over their gin and tonics, because they were crazy good!! I had to know their secret because - let's be honest - most people think gin tastes like toilet. It's not the gin's fault, it's the crappy tonic.  But, crappy tonic no more.  Get some of this, and you and your gin will be very happy!  I buy it in bulk via or (whomever offers me the sweetest deal).
Sweet Serenade:  Boys' Piano Recital
Raising 5 boys on a farm out in the middle of nowhere truly is a great adventure.  But, there are times when we need to leave the boots behind and take on life-experiences outside of green acres.  Last Sunday the top three comrades shared their musical talents at the spring recital, and did a terrific job!  
It was their idea to get snazzed up in their Easter duds.  This pic was taken just seconds after they inhaled three dozen cookies from the reception table.  I seriously had to photo shop chocolate chip chunks from their ties and their teeth.  I did that just for you.  Okay, I did it for me.  Next...
I'm in a bit of a weird place with my skin right now.  You see, after every pregnancy/birth, my hormones decide to spiral down and crash somewhere beneath the depths of hell, and they like it there, because they just don't want to come back (little devils).  And that does all kinds of strange and complicated things to my brain, my emotions, my body and my skin.  Basically, my skin is *bleep*.  And, it would take Gwyneth Paltrow's army of experts to fix it.  Ain't got no time and no money fo dat!  Products are confusing and they don't work.  I bought some of these Yes to Cucumber facial towlettes to use when I travel, but I like them so much right now, that I'm using them every day.  Fresh, clean, simple.
Sweet Baby: Charlie's "I'm Sweet"
Okay, so being the "baby" of of the house, our precious Charlie gets a lot of attention from his parents and his brothers.  Now that he's a big 2 year old, he truly feels like he's a big boy, pushing his trucks around the house like he's boss, screaming "MOM!!!!!!!" when he wants something, and getting into everything that he thinks should be his.  We get our fill of laughs every day just listening to him talk.  New words pop into his vocab by the hour and the boys LOVE to help him with this.  It's like Rosetta Stone playing 24/7 around here.  We are gettin' this English language da-own!! They say a word, and he repeats it. Over.  And over.  And over 'til mommy's crazy!!  One of the boys took this clip yesterday in the car.  Notice how obsessed we are with safety, as Charlie has squirmed out of the shoulder straps.  Nice.  Please overlook our elementary parenting skills.  Gracias.

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  1. Love your #4. My skin gets so crazy too.
    And you're little boy is a sweetie!

  2. Your boys are so handsome!! And the video of your little one is cute!!!

  3. Such handsome boys, with or without the photoshop. :)
    It makes my heart melt to watch (or listen) to the big kids so sweetly interact with the little ones. I truly believe the little ones help keep teen angst to a bare minimum. The big ones can't help but smile when the little ones talk.
    That little Charlie is just precious.

  4. Your boys are so handsome . . . I would have to photoshop mine too!

  5. What, what! Gin and tonics are my FAVE, yo! :) And don't skimp on that lime--it's what makes the drink! :)

    Wow--love the suits and the boys! So handsome! I have three boys as well, but they're on the opposite end of the features spectrum--all dark hair/dark eyes!


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