Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Contemplation

Nothing puts the breaks on life faster (for me) than a feverish baby who's only comfort is resting in my arms. On Monday morning, after he snarfed down a plate of pancakes, I watched my littlest one's boundless energy diminish steadily until he wanted nothing more than for me to hold him close.  As his fever has waxed and waned over the past couple of days, getting to the laundry, dishes and needs of the others has become virtually impossible.  Realizing that I just had to let it all go, to just be present, quiet, and still with my poor baby has given me windows of peaceful time during the day to contemplate life.  While I would never want any of my children to be sick, the time I've had to think and to pray really has been a gift.....despite the epic amounts of domestic chores I will have to overcome once Charlie is better.
 Slow dancing to Alison Krauss is medicine for the body and the soul.
Here are my 7 Quick Takes for the week: 
7 points of contemplation from days and nights of baby rocking:
1.  Our family has been praying for all those affected by the tornado that swept through Oklahoma, and our hearts ache deeply for the children who were taken by the storm.  I cannot help but think of the pain of those families as I hold my own children tightly and go through the days living the ordinary gifts of life - waking up in our own home, laughing together, sitting down for supper together - simple gifts that we so easily take for granted.

2.  One of my good friends had a baby this week, which tends to intensify my already deep desire for another baby 10-fold.  I can't help but wonder what plans God has for our really would be a joy to hear another set of feet pitter-patter around here.  And, although our house is small, there's always room for more! Which leads me to #3....
3.  We never thought we'd be in our trailer house more than a year or two, but moving into the third year, I think we've finally hit the wall (literally). Lord, Jesus I know you can hear these walls shake. Mama needs a basement. Pronto. Amen.  Our dream would be to refurbish an old farmhouse, but since our options are non-existent out here, and because we want to be on the farm, building is our best option.  It's time to pull the trigger and make those daydreams a reality!
4.  I'm on day 12 of the Whole30,  (you can read more about it here) which is basically a way of type of detox that has the potential to heal the body of any number of ailments and/or discomforts.  I had intended to write a post this week about it and why I am doing it, but since blogging has been sidelined by fever, that post will be tabled to next week.  The good news is, I'm starting to see some changes and I'm feeling (pretty) great! Translation: Given the fact that I've gone 12 days without beer, wine, chocolate or chips, the fact that no one has been harmed in this process is a miracle!!!

5.  All of the boys, except for Charlie, are playing baseball this summer. Every evening they wolf down their supper and fidget impatiently in their seats just waiting for Steve to tell them they can clean off the table and then go outside to practice.  As I stand at the kitchen sink watching them out the window, I can't help but delight in the sounds of Ben's pitches smacking Andrew's mitt, coaching conversations between brothers, and their excitement when one of them gets a big hit.  All of it brings back so many memories of my own childhood.
6.  A week without running only makes me want to run more. I miss it.  It's time for another race, maybe not a marathon, but at least a 1/2.

7.  Quote of the week (during a very intense Nerf gun war):  George, wailing in pain screams, "Ben, you idiot, you just shot me in the mouth!"  Ben, running to the victim, replies indignantly, "Oh, my gosh, George, did you swallow my bullets??"  Suddenly, everyone paused and then busted out in belly laughs.  (Apparently Steve and I are a raging success when it comes to teaching charity and creative language. No??!!)



  1. You inspire me! (I had a piece of caramelita bar--oats, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and caramel!!--with my coffee this morning, and I can't imagine running even a 1/10 marathon!) Time to get serious!

  2. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I really enjoyed them. I'm just starting running and I am amazed at how addicted I am. I can relate too about the sick little ones. My daughter has been really clingy lately. I think she teething and she can think of nothing better to do except having me hold her. The only hard part about that is that I'm throwing a graduation party for my sister with 60+ people in attendance at my house. Kinda crazy here so thanks for that laughs!

  3. Great thoughts! Can't wait to hear when you start training for your half marathon :)

  4. Yay for the possibility of a new home! A basement would be so great (we do not have one either). Praying for you and what God may have for your family in the way of adding to it!

  5. Praying for your house search! Ours is not going to so well! St. Joseph, Pray for us!

  6. I love the nerf gun story - sounds like something that would happen in my home, too!!!
    I hope your little guy is much better now - never fun to see one of our boys suffer!

  7. Oh, building a house! That is a dream for sure :)

  8. I'm so sorry Charlie is feeling under the weather. It just hurts to see your baby feeling icky. Although, I do appreciate those non-stop cuddles.
    Good luck getting out of the trailer and into a lovely new house.
    The nerf gun altercation is hilarious. Can't say I've ever heard that comeback before!
    I pray Charlie feels better and the house hasn't deteriorated too much in the meantime.

  9. I loved #5 - how all American!

    We would love to build a house, too. A ranch with a finished basement on some acreage. Who knows if we'll ever be able to do it but it would be wonderful - a place our children can bring their children.


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