Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My "Five Favorites" for the Week: Bye-Bye Busy

Someone once told me that busy stands for Burdened Under Satan's Yolk.  (ZOIKS!!)  How exactly did I respond to that??  Ummm, Errrr, Wellll, Uhhhh.  Yeah.  Just like that.  Life is busy, especially when you have kids.  But, I think that sometimes we choose busy.  Ya know what I mean?? Because maybe busy makes us feel productive....or meaningful....or successful.

For me, especially now that summer is almost here, it's time to cast off the yolk, settle down a bit, look busy in the eye and pull the leisure punch. This week's five faves are all about shifting down a bit with the pace of life and enjoying the small things, the small moments...
- 1. -

READ.  Read!!  And, not just in the bathroom, in the 5 spare minutes when no one knows that I'm gone.  (Admit it, you've got a stack of books there, too.)  Our family doesn't call it the library for nothing! The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay is the best book that I read last summer.  You must add it to your library.  What's my "must read" for this summer?? I haven't picked one yet - please suggest!!
- 2. -
LAUGH!! I am oh-so-guilty of taking life too seriously.  Laughter is a sure cure for dat!  My husband got our children hooked on Tim Hawkins hilarity last winter when we were crying with cabin fever.  This one cracks me up...and so does this one....and this one....
- 3. -
SAVOR THE SWEET!! Each one of our boys have gone through the "I'm not dressed unless I have a hat on" phase.  It's so cute, their cap of choice perched perfectly crooked atop their little noggins, pressing down pink ears ever-so-slightly. Charlie wears his John Deere hat like he's the big man on the farm!
- 4. -
PAMPER!!  Sometimes when you're running through the day trying to keep up with homeschooling, sports, music practices and all of the daily domestics, it's hard to find time to take care of yourself.  Most days one shaved leg is a victory for me!  When I was marathon training, my skin took a beating, so I decided to actually try some real products.  That's when I FELL IN LOVE with the Timewise Firming Eye Cream from Mary Kay.  It smoothes and moisturizes the area around your eyes, takes care of the puffs and reduces dark circles like nothing else! If you don't have a consultant and would like to have one to assist you (I know just the girl your lookin' for!), or if you just want to try the products and feel like you can fly solo when it comes to ordering, you can shop right here!!

- 5. -
SIP!! Drinks on the patio. Need I say more?? Private Selection Citrus Stuffed Olives from Kroger/Dillons are the bomb diggity!! They will turn your Grey Goose martini or vodka tonic into a sipping sensation.  They also perk up a ho-hum salad right nicely!

Want to enjoy more favorites??  Hop on over here!!


  1. I love The Power of One!! So good! I have a monthly book club and I should totally suggest that one of these months!

  2. I love summer time because it is a time that is less busy for sure!
    And, drinks on the deck - yes!!!
    Have you read the Silver Linings Playbook yet? It is a good read!

  3. I love the Mary Kay eye cream! And I can watch Tim Hawkins all day long. I am always up for a good laugh!

  4. You've intrigued me with The Power of One! I'll add it to my ever-growing "to-read" list!

  5. Whelp...I have a hankering for some summer, now! Although summer for us is worse than winter. Especially with two kids playing ball. And one on a traveling team. 8:30 games with two little ones?? Argh. Bring on the stress level! Happy unburdening, friend!

  6. I love, love, love summer. Our days go by my schedule, if we even have a schedule.
    Thank you for introducing me to Tim Hawkins. Hilarious!!! He's so funny, because I swear he must have been watching my family and me.

  7. Charlie in his John Deere hat is so sweet and precious. Good post.

  8. Oh my, I must keep an eye out for those olives. My favorite of the moment are giant jalapeno-stuffed olives. They make for a fantastic Texas-style martini! ;)


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