Yay, you found us! Welcome to Sole Searching Mama!
Sole Searching Mama is a compilation of ideas, thoughts, memories, and reflections of our family life - 
all of the things I think about 
whenever I go running! 
And, when I come home from treading a few dusty miles on the country roads, I usually return with a clearer perspective on life, a few fresh ideas on domestic living, and homeschooling and a renewed conviction to keep on going!

There is a great connection between the mind and the body, and I'm a firm believer that the greatest fruits of exercise are not those that come to the physical being but those that come to the intellectual and emotional being - peace, clarity, perspective, inner strength and bright ideas.  I hope that my philosophy transfers to the pages of this blog!
A little bit about the tabs....
HOME:  My buffet of randomness - including thoughts on motherhood, raising five sons, and my blogging extras including give-aways and link-ups.  It's practical living at its best!

HEALTH AND FITNESS:  I'm not an expert in either one of these fields, but working through several health issues from my college years to the present has motivated me to grow in the knowledge and practice of healthy living.  I've recieved loads of great advice and wisdom from others - doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors and athletes, and want to pass as much of it on to you as possible!

HOMESCHOOLING:  Projects, curriculum ideas, book reviews, philosophies of teaching and many more topics will be covered on this page.  I hope you will share your ideas with me as well!

FAITH:Of all of the pages on this blog, this one is definitely the most important one of all. Our family is loves our Catholic faith, but I hope that there is something for every Christian to take away from the things that I share here.

DOMESTICS: In a world (my world) filled with boys, there has to be a little bit of room for Mama's interests! Here's where I share a few of my favorite recipes, thoughts on fashion, feminine style, home and garden projects, holiday delights and traveling.

Even though I won't be updating each page every day, I hope you'll  hang in there with me and find something fruitful or insightful each week to enjoy!