Monday, May 13, 2013

Mudshakes, Mother's Day, Giveaways and More!

Happy Monday, Friends!!
How was your weekend?? For all of my mommy readers, I hope that your Mother's Day was filled with joyful moments and happy memories!  After a long trip home from visiting family, they boys were eager to jump out of the vehicle and soak in the last of the day's sunlight.  The evening was calm and cool, calling all of us to "come out and play!" The older ones practiced a little baseball with dad, but the younger two....
well, as you can see, they had a little bit different idea about play time!!
Within minutes of "helping" me with the garden and yard work, they were covered from head to toe with the irresistibly cool, slimy mud. (Boys and mud are magnetic, aren't they??  It's impossible to keep them apart!) I knew this would mean an evening of scrubbing and soaking their mud-stained clothes, but I didn't mind at all.  
They were having so much fun making mud soup and mudshakes together that I didn't have the heart to divert them to cleaner forms of entertainment.  Seeing all of my little men taking delight in being outdoors and being together did my heart so much good!
 It was the perfect end to the perfect day!!
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In other news...
Last week I hosted a t-shirt giveaway from the fantastic company Run Pretty Far, and was overwhelmed by such a great response!! The lucky winner is Molly Pratt!!

Also last week my lovely friend, Cynthia, who authors one of my favorite blogs, Finding Great Joy, shared with us another fantastic "Mother-to-Mother" guest post series.  This one addressed the topic of disciplining children.  You can tap into the "Mother-to-Mother" archives (a tab at the top of the home page) for more great posts from past series.  I always learn so much from the series.  And, if she is always looking for contributors, if you are interested in sharing your wisdom!!

There's so much going on around here this week! Life on the farm is REALLY getting busy, and the boys are eager to roll up their sleeves, hop on equipment and help.  Our garden is coming along splendidly, thanks to the temps finally rising, school is winding down (hooray!!) and I'm starting the Whole30 program today. 
(More on that later!)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!!

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  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog this past weekend, thanks to a friend. I would love to hear how your journey has brought you and your husband to a farm in Kansas. You may have already blogged about this and if you have, can you linke me to it. Like I said, I just found your blog and I am going back through the pieces reading. Are you still in the trailer? If so, how is your house planning coming? My husband is from rural Nebraska and we hope to settle down there at some point. We are currently active duty military, moving everywhere. However, we both long to have our children grow up on a farm. I just don't know if that is in God's plan. We shall see. :)


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