Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Mother-Daughter Edition


Let us ask our Lord then to make us souls devoted to the blessed Eucharist, so that our relationship with him brings forth joy and serenity and a desire for justice. In this way we will make it easier for others to recognize Christ; we will put Christ at the centre of all human activities. And Jesus’ promise will be fulfilled: I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself. (Jn 12:32) 
St. Josemaria Escriva ~ Christ Is Passing By, 156

Since my beloved husband has been on retreat in NYC since Thursday, I decided to pack up the wagon and head north with my tribe of outlaws to visit my parents for the weekend.  Because my mom has always been such a classy lady, a savvy shopper, and a stylish wife, mother and grandmother, I had to talk her into joining me for this week's What I Wore Sunday, hosted by Fine Linen and Purple, and Sunday Best hosted by Camp Patton .
Friends, meet Karen. Mama, meet my friends!!
Dress: Talbots (her favorite sale spot!)
Black Pumps: Talbots
Jewelry: mix & match
Some of the essential lessons my mom taught me when I first began shopping for my own clothes were:
* Look for quality - check to see if the garment is lined, if it is finished nicely, if the plaids match, etc., etc.
* Don't be afraid to spend a little extra to get great quality staple pieces such as black trousers, a blazer or a neutral colored pencil skirt and a great pair of heels.
*  Keep trendy pieces at a minimum.
*  Change up tired outfits with accessories or alterations to get as much mileage as possible out of your wardrobe (a great budget-friendly trick!).
I think of her tips every time I go shopping, and it's a good thing, otherwise my closet would probably be completely filled with trendy pieces, and nothing would match!
When I look back at photos of my mom from her days as a newlywed up until now, she has always dressed beautifully.  My mom was raised on a farm as the oldest of 8, and despite their economic struggles, she and her siblings (along with their parents) always looked sharp on Sundays.  My grandmother and my mother both embrace the truth that clothing is not just a fashion statement, but an expression of our personal sense of dignity and femininity.  It truly is possible to look "lady-like" no matter what your budget is, my mom has proven this to me time and time again!
While I was being my dorky self (I was practicing a curtsy), Ben was still snapping pics and I didn't know it until I uploaded the shots.  Normally, the delete key would be in full force, but today I sayz to myselfs why not spice thangs up 'round here??
 Dress:  A gift from my husband from Anthropologie
*When he travels he misses my homecookin' and kisses so much, the remedy for his lovesickness is to buy me stuff I don't need.  I love that man!!*
Scarf:  He chose the scarf to go with the dress! (Also Anthropologie)
Shoes:  Kork Ease 
Jewelry:  Bling (a local boutique)
As I'm getting older, my feet just can't handle cheap shoes with any sort of a heel - they're just killers!  So, I've been trying to watch for sales/discounts on quality brands that I really love.  Kork Ease shoes are incredibly comfortable, suportive and cute! Yes, I'm standing in mulch, right in the middle of my parent's landscaping.  Gives 'em an earthy/rustic/pastoral vibe, eh?? A pretty pedi would have totally thrown off the whole vibe.
Have a blessed week, everyone!!
He is a man among men, who by good fortune has received the faith and the divine commission to act so that he renews the message of our Lord on earth. We are not without defects; we make mistakes and commit sins. But God is with us and we must make ourselves ready to be used by him, so that he can continue to walk among men. 
St. Josemaria Escriva ~ Christ Is Passing By, 156 


  1. No wonder you're so stylish, look at your momma! What great tips to share, too. Have a happy weekend, Susan!

  2. Your mother is so beautiful! I saw the tiny picture of her that came up on my blog feed before I clicked on this post to read it, and I thought, "Oh, Susan got a haircut!" Wow, she's just gorgeous (you really take after her), and so youthful and stylish.

    Both of you look absolutely smashing in your Sunday best. (And your husband gets kudos for picking out that dress and scarf combo!) I'm looking at your mom in that Talbot's dress and having outfit envy--she looks just lovely from head to toe. I, too, really like to shop there--but only when they're having their extreme markdowns at the end-of-season sales! Their pieces are so well-made and classic.

    Your mom's tips are right on the money. Sometimes I have trouble paying more for those good quality staple pieces, but I try to make myself do it. It's so worth it--and you end up having pieces that you can wear for decades, and they never go out of style.

    I really enjoyed this post!

    1. You are exactly right, Laura, the BIG markdown sales are the BEST!! That's where we scored her dress!! My sister and I were there with her (pressuring her, of course!) to buy it, and I'm so glad that she did. I also love to be able to go back to my pricy pieces that are 5-10 years old and wear them as if they were brand new, because they still look great! Love it when you stop by -thanks!!

  3. Love seeing your outfits! U always look lively! Your mama is beautiful too!

  4. You are both gorgeous! good genes!!

    1. Good genes, yes, but the happy heart makes for the pretty smile, don't ya think??

  5. You look great! And those are such good tips. I'd never heard of Kork Ease until you and Grace mentioned them- they are so cute! I'm def. gonna keep my eye out for a sale. :)

    1. Yes, try E-bay or wait for the 25% off + free shipping at That's what I did, and I used some gift money that I had saved up. Totally worth it - happy feet!! :)

  6. Okay to be honest I am not classy enough to be commenting on your blog but yet here I remain. Holy beautiful you and your Mama are a statement of all that is gorgeous. You both are of the era where women really were ladylike. Oh I just adore your outfits; both of them. I imagine you would fight to hang on to that femininity with all of the boys/men in your home. I have 4 girls and 2 boys at the bottom and yet still I cling to the "I was raised with boys" mentality. Love you blog as well. What a treat ;)

    1. Are you crazy, lady?? We may look classy on Sunday, but you should see us in our farm attire during the week - it ain't pretty, honey!! Thanks for being here - heading over to check out your bloggosphere!

  7. Your husband picked out the dress AND the scarf? What a winner! You and your mom both look fabulous s:)


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