Friday, June 21, 2013

First Tee Golf Program - 7 QT Friday

The interior design of my house these days could be described as a cross between a locker room and a snack shack.  I'm thinking about gettin' crazy with my camera and creating an album on Pinterest for all ya'll to drool over.  I mean, who wouldn't want a double wide trailer custom decorated with baseball jerseys, football pads, Cheez-It's, Gatorade bottles and a nut cup?? I think they call it protective gear these days, but let's just keep it real around here, folks.

The only thing sparkly that's left in the house is a crystal vase that I got out to put some flowers in last week.  I'm thinking of replacing it with a beer tap.  I might as well, right??  Really, it would be the piece de resistance of our design masterpiece. Honestly, the poor vase is probably either going to become a convenient holder for golf tees or will accidentally get whacked to it's shattering death in a sword fight.  Doom to the pretty.

Just when I think Gertie (our affectionate name for Ms. Double-Wide) can't hold anymore athletic aspirations, Steve comes home and says the boys are going to join the First Tee Golf program.  



Oh, right. Okay, sure.  Just so you know, if we had girls this would be the equivalent of synchronized swimming lessons.  But, whatever.

For this weeks 7 Quick Takes, I'm going to break this whole golf thing down for you in an ESPN highlights version - short and sweet:
1. I was wrong, golf is an awesome sport (for the kids, not for me.  See item #2).

2. It's not awesome for me, because a reasonable decibel of laughter and conversation is appreciated and expected on the course as an understood "rule." ( Translation: you can't be loud.)  When I say "reasonable" decibel, that probably means scream-laughing while others putt or dropping some swears-erz *accidentally* and * repetitively* in the face of my failures probably isn't acceptable golf etiquette. This may or may not happen if I take up golf. Know thyself. Then, avoid the circumstance in which thyself cannot be thyself and must be someone else-self.  You know what I mean.
3. Just being out on the course is relaxing. The grass is so beautiful!  Yesterday during the tournament, I kept trying to scope out a spot on the course where there were no golfers so I could roll around on the plush carpet-like greens sort of non-chalantly. But, since the course was very busy, I decided that kicking off my flip flops and cruising barefoot might be a tad more adult-like.
4.  Kids pick up the sport really fast. My head was spinning right round as Ben and George, who golfed in the tourney yesterday, tried to explain to me the difference between a hybrid and a driver, bogey, double bogey, eagle and what a par is.  Here's my brain during all that school: Running = left, right, left, right. Yes, I think I'll stick with running and #5.
5.  A cart with shade (check out this beauty!), a great book, and a frosty six pack is my idea of a round of golf.
6.  The First Tee Golf program, with it's strong emphasis on character strength and personal development in the game, is a fantastic opportunity for young people.  You can learn more about it here.  If you have a program in your area, it's truly worth looking into. This is their mission statement:
Our Mission: To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.
7.  After only golfing for one month, both Ben and Andrew decided to jump right in and compete in the First Tee tournament yesterday.  They were playing against more experienced kids, some of them had been golfing for several years.  Ben, while he didn't medal, beat his personal best, and came in ahead of several seasoned players.  And, George placed 2nd in his age group!  Way to go, boys!!
I'd like to stick around and share my excuses reasons why I don't think the guys will be able to drag  initiate me into their crazy little golf troop, but I have to go and match socks for tonight's baseball games. Have a great weekend, everyone!! 


  1. A "cross between a locker room and a snack shack"...hey, I remember those days. (And those "nut cups"!)

    I wish we'd gotten our boys into golf when they were young. They golf once a year now at a memorial tournament we hold in honor of my late father-in-law, and they have a ball. It really is a great sport. The best part is that you can do it a lot longer than you can do other sports (like football, for instance!).

    That being said, personally I can handle about 9 holes and then I just want it all to be over!

  2. golf cart like a classic car? Yes, Please.

  3. My husband loves to golf but I never learned growing up. I keep thinking in retirement, I'll pick it up.. so like in 35 years or something :)

  4. You, Dear, crack me up. No doubt, you are the mother of boys. No girl mom would ever use the crass term "nut cup". :)
    Comparing it to synchronized funny. #2 would keep me off the course, too.
    Congrats to your boys on their accomplishments in such a new sport for them.

  5. my home is turning into a snack shack -- life with boys.

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