Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIWS - Father's Day & Brunch Undies

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. 
- Henry Ward Beecher

Since the boys are out golfing with daddy and grandpa on this glorious 101 degree day, I figured it's a perfect time for me to park it with a cold ice tea and whip out a lil' post for Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday while the babe slumbers.  Here's how this Father's Day Sunday is shakin' down....
Life is very intense on the farm right now.  Steve works incredibly long hours, sometimes until late at night, while I do my best to keep the house from burning down.  We were supposed to go out of town to a wedding this weekend, and see my parents as well, but Steve couldn't break away from the demands of the farm. In light of the very long days and super short nights, we decided to go to mass Saturday evening so that everyone could sleep in today and have an honest day of rest and relaxation.

You would think that given the fact that our eyes are blistered red with exhaustion we would have hit the hay at a reasonable time last night, but oh no! Why not find the biggest bag of pretzels known to man and chase it down with that un-opened bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed and some coke over a mindless movie?? Genius. We are genius. Out of that Rare Breed came a rare idea, which I had to share with my lover (talking during boring movies is totally allowed), "Babe, you sleep in tomorrow, and I'm going to make a monster brunch for you and the boys, okay farmer boy??"

So, when the alarm went off at 7 a.m. (I can't believe I had enough pulse at 1:30 a.m. to set the thing), I was like, "Frozen waffles are going to jam this Father's Day!" Roll it over.  Back to sleep. Mmm, Yes! But, then, I peeled one eye open and saw my sweet love snoring softly, drooling slightly, finely wrinkled around the eyes, and hair disheveled.  My farm boy.  I love how you love me. 

When the heart beats with love and admiration, you know you can't let Eggo's be the brunch fantastique you had promised the night before.  Out of the comfort I rolled, and with swollen feet and sticky eyes I miraculously shuffled my way to the coffee maker (consuming a bucket of salt before bed does frightening things to the flesh. I don't recommend it.).  Then, I shuffled back to the bathroom to make myself presentable to the team...nothing impressive, mind you, I just thought I'd shock everyone with some non-running attire and an up-do (also known as a ponytail).  Make-up is for overachievers.  The only thing missing was a box big enough for me to jump out of.  Surprise!!
PANTS:  Tarjay. Old. 4 kids ago old. Pre-baby, post-baby, elastic, linen-y comfort.  
(I will seriously have them forevah.)
T-SHIRT:  Wild Olive Tees (you must have one of these, they are righteous!)
FLIP-FLOPS:  Clarks 
APRON:  Catholic Cuisine - a sweet gift from my sister-in-law!
ATTITUDE: Czech with a dash of German
The stitching on the apron is really lovely.  I love Blessed Mother Teresa's wisdom.  Here's some unwisdom:
Do great big things, because you have to, because you offered to, in a Wild Turkey moment.  
Me and my sweet ingredient, Charlie.
Old Indian Proverb: She who cooks with baby, cooks one handed (and makes big mess).
Here's the front of the tee.  (Photo courtesy of Wild Olive Tees website.)
This is the back of the tee, and yes, that's me, because it has the focus of an eight year old chewing on bacon while snapping the snazz.  Hebrew 12:1-2, my favorite lines from scripture (after: "Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those who are in anguish." Proverbs 31:6).  Just kidding.  Mostly kidding.
I love to see my boys eat.  The love might be borderline co-dependant in nature.
Hello, I love you, let me feed you, because it makes me happy.
Every year each of the boys picks out a funny card for dad.  And, then they laugh hysterically, each one wanting theirs to be the funniest one.
Then, it's gift time.  Golf was the main theme this year, but Henry and George strayed from the norm and found the following treasures at Target: 
1 bag of Oreos 
1 package of breath spray
1 pair of bacon and eggs undies
Maybe they should have a gift basket business.  Or not.
Boys in blue, heading out to golf with grandpa.  Seriously, I'm not sure how this happend.  Our ability to match our own clothing, let alone others is about as strong as our Latin skills. Andrew and Henry, who are missing from the shot, opted to stay home and perfect their water-balloon throwing form instead of tagging along with the rest of the crew.
Last night, on a whim, I typed up these little Father's Day letter pages for the boys to share with Steve.  I thought I would share our oldest son, Benedict's loving expressions:
Courageous and brave.  He makes me laugh, teaches me, is smart, cool and fun.  He teaches me to be a man and teaches me about my faith, is encouraging, kind but firm, good at sports, is a hard worker, tough, trustworthy, generous, talkative and strong.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me all about my faith and how to be a man.  I don't think there are very many fathers who do that.  I love you and hope you have a Happy Father's Day!

Love Your Son,



  1. I'm beyond impressed that you got up after very few hours of sleep and the Wild Turkey!! True love for sure!!! Great pictures of all of your boys -big and small!!!

  2. It's not fathers day here yet (in australia, not until September), but can I say, I love that black and white photo of the books, def a keeper.

    1. A trip to Australia is on my bucket list!! The hub and I would love to go there or New Zealand for our 20 year anniversary!

  3. Hmm..I am thinking you need some home photos/tour as I see some awesome PBness!

  4. Love all the pics of your beautiful family, and that is such a sweet Father's Day card! Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose


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