Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Unplugged Farming Edition

Last Sunday our family launched our traveling custom wheat straw business with a road trip to a quaint little town 3 hours from the farm. We set up camp at a cozy bed and breakfast knowing that the next couple of weeks would be spent swathing and baling wheat straw for local farmers around the area. (A more detailed description of our adventure is soon to come!)

Our little abode is perfect for our family and for Steve's parents.  Perfect except for one thing...there is NO Internet service. Which means no blogging. I can catch a little e-mail and Facebook on my phone, but even that connection is temperamental at best. 
Since I am parked at the laundromat washing Wranglers and work shirts for the next couple of hours, I thought this would be the perfect time to write a quick post while the little ones play.   Yes, I said play!  Thus begins the first of my "7 Quick Takes" for the day:
1. This laundromat of awesomeness has an indoor play gym, lounge area with wi-fi and coin operated massage chairs.  Really, people, why go to the mall or the zoo, when you can hang out at the laundromat deluxe?? If farming doesn't work out, I'm going to open up a chain of these joints with optional pedicure chairs and a chill station that serves hoppy-type beverages.  Any investors out there??

2.  I believe an indoor play gym (along with a commercial-sized washer and dryer) could revolutionize my laundry room. And, if not that, maybe a punching bag and a rock climbing wall would do.

3. Being unplugged has been admittedly a bit blissful. I miss writing, but I don't miss being in front of the computer. Five days of electronic retreat has me rethinking the life of blogging. I am honestly considering retiring this thing. Have you ever felt the same?? Any advice?? 
3.  Wheat harvest is a glorious season for the farm (usually - provided the crop is plentiful). I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the countryside is. Our little B & B is surrounded by idyllic country farmland, which has deeply inspired my a.m. motivation to roll out of bed early to run, just so I can take in a sunrise over the picturesque fields of gold.

4.  It's crazy hot. Hot like "lets fry an egg on the sidewalk" hot.  The only benefit of scorching heat is that it makes a iced cold beer taste heavenly.
5.  Two strides across the street from our country abode sits the most beautiful historic St. Mark's Catholic church. Daily mass, bells pealing on the hour, and the quiet cool sanctuary it provides for me to sneak away to in the middle of an intense day of work would make anyone envy the life of a monk. Being here makes my heart happy.  The children love to follow Steve and me over to the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto for evening prayer. It is very peaceful.
6.  A wickedly windy/rainy storm blew in last night and shut our harvest operation down. After it passed, the children led everyone outside for puddle jumping and frisbee playing in the church parking lot.  Everyone had a blast, especially wee Charlie, who wore himself out splashing through the rain past sunset.

7. A sneak peek at the post harvest story to come.....
That's my man in the tractor.  Please keep my family and our work crew in your prayers, that we may all remain safe and healthy throughout harvest and during our time away from home. Thank you!!

Have a great weekend, friends!!!


  1. YES, I think a lot about retiring my blog--especially lately. I love writing, too...but sometimes I'm just not sure about the whole blogging business. I don't have any advice, but I think I know how you feel.

    Have a nice computer break. :)

    1. Just to clarify: I hope it's just a break! I do love your blog.

      Signed, a fellow mom with five boys!

  2. Please don't retire your blog!!! 1. It seems like when I need it most, you are that voice of reason from "home". 2. Even though I only have 2 boys (they are the same ages as your youngest 2) your stories of their antics, loving surprises, and ornriness hit ver close to home. 3. As a fellow farm wife, I can appreciate the struggles, joys, and benefits of living the farm life in the middle of nowhere, and know that I'm not alone. You and. Your blog are a blessing for many out there and we...I am thankful you are.

    Rebecca Rahe Dettmer

  3. While the photo of you is nothing but fabulous, the others are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to the post harvest post. I'm sure it is plenty of hard work and long days for you all. And yet, as usual, your family manages to find fun and peaceful moments through it all.
    You know I don't want you to give up the blog. I once, long before anyone read mine, gave it up for months. I don't know what got me back in, but I do love it now. Too bad there isn't enough time in the day for everything. I would completely understand if you did give it up. I'd be sad, but I'd understand.

  4. Awesome pictures!! I don't think there is anything more beautiful than ready-for-harvest farmland. And the picture of Charlie in the puddle is wonderful!!

  5. Love the pictures!
    And, that sounds like the best laundromat ever!!! What a great idea!
    Hope all goes well during harvest!!

  6. Susan, I hear you. I thought the same thing a few weeks ago. I looked at my husband and said, "should I keep it going or just throw in the blogging towel?" I'm not sure I have any advice except to pray and take breaks when you feel like you need it. Nobody wants a reluctant blogger. Having said all that, I do love your blog. So much. It's one of the few I subscribe to because I just love your authenticity. Enjoy the break, the laundromat and be safe during harvest!

  7. It is so great that your whole family can stay together when the business takes loved ones far away from home. I will definitely keep you in my prayers for the request you mentioned and about the blogging issue.

  8. The great thing about blogging is there's no deadlines or pressure, except what you put on yourself. Use the blog as you need it; your readers will be hear waiting. And given the demands of a farm this time of year, it only makes sense to put priorities elsewhere if need be.
    Good luck with the business. I'm looking forward to the detailed post...but no pressure!


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