Monday, October 1, 2012

Loverboy: She Had Me at Fuzzy Socks

Last Saturday was another weekend filled with football.  We spent the entire day on Saturday going to our sons' games. Since Henry and Charlie are too young to play, they find their fun running around and playing with the other kids along the side-lines.

During George's flag-football game, Charlie was REALLY needing a nap.  He was completely smoked.  In fact, he was so tired, he would toddle through the turf and just randomly fall over onto the plush green grass to rest.  Poor thing. 
So, we pulled out a big fleece blanket and everyone took turns trying to cuddle with him to see if he would fall asleep.  No luck. It probably didn't help that on dad's turn, he thought wrestling would be more fun than napping. Go figure.
Then, it happened.  There they were, two irresistible feet wrapped in two brightly colored fuzzy socks.  Mr. Charlie knew just what he needed, just what he wanted.  Sitting sweetly in front of the bleachers, there was a little blonde-haired girl (a total stranger) watching the game with her grandparents.  Charlie went right over and began playing with her toes.  Um, excuse me Sock Princess, do you mind if I sit down beside you and admire, I mean adore, I mean play with your fuzzy toes for a while? 
Without any hesitation whatsoever, he just nestled in, made himself comfortable and perched with her through nearly the entire game. We were all in hysterics.  I think that she enjoyed the attention as much as he did! You must know that Charlie loves all things soft.  He will go into my room and grab my flannels out of my pajama drawer and wrap them around his neck and walk around the house blissfully happy.  
A little while later this little peach came over to join the party.  Poor Charlie, he's not breaking any percentile records when it comes to size.  Miss Peach knew she was gonna wear the pants in their 30 minute relationship. Check out her pose, all she needs is a little finger wagging to match it.
She thinks that Charlie is going to skip off and play with her, but really he just wants her purple sweatshirt, because it's soft and cozy, of course.  He is clearly not hugging her, but the sweatshirt.  At this point, I cannot stand all of the cuteness, and begin the internal let's-make-a deal dialog with God: Okay, if you will guarantee that the next baby would be a girl, I will take this uterus out of retirement right now!
Charlie could clearly handle a sister, unless of course she tried to steal his new kicks.  He's not loosening the grip on those babies, nuh-uh!  But, maybe a trade? Neon striped shoes for a fuzzy purple fleece? I'm not too proud to wear flowers.


  1. Oh my word, he's adorable. Those photos with the purple-sweatshirted girl are fantastic. Sometimes I feel guilty, dragging the little boys to all of the big kids' activities. Until I realize that they are having fun, too, finding all sorts of treasures. Like fuzzy socks.

    1. I feel guilty, too, but then I remember that they are learning how to be patient and that family means making sacrifices for each other. They always get smothered with smooches and treats on those days, too, which is a bonus!

  2. I need to smoosh him again. He is so incredibly cute, but that is to be expected :)

  3. Oh my gosh adorable!!! Makes me even want another and I closed up shop a LONG time ago! Have a good week!

  4. Stopping by from the mommy brain mixer.
    That is SO cute! He is adorable :)



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