Friday, September 28, 2012

Seven Sights of Summer Past

Farewell, sweet summer, fall is really, truly here.  Boy, did it go by fast! Sometimes I find that life is so busy, that we move quickly from one event to the next, forgetting events of the past. This is why I love taking pictures of our family life so much.  Often, I catch the boys sitting down at the computer scrolling through my i-Photo albums conversing happily, "Remember when??...."

For this Quick Takes Friday, here are 7 Sights of Summer Past:

1. Mr. Potato Chips!! This was one of our favorite pics, and favorite posts of the summer.  You can catch all of the details of our little chip thief here.
2. We spent nearly every evening this summer outdoors.  Some may think that the landscape of Kansas is boring and unappealing, but our view of the big sky is the best, especially at sunset!
3.  Bucket calves! Billy, Blaze, Blake and Butter kept us busy all summer long!  Taking them to the fair was an adventure as well.
4. It's every farm boy's dream to be able to drive the equipment on the farm.  Ben and Andrew were a great swather driving team this summer.  They did a great job and had fun being a part of the crew.
5.  Baseball was a big part of our summer.  The oldest three boys played and had great seasons.  
6.  Having good friends and precious family come to visit is always such a treat since we live so far away from everyone.  One of our favorite families from Kansas City came to see us this summer.  They have five boys too, so you ca only imagine how wonderfully crazy it was!!
 7.  A family vacation to Grand Lake, Colorado was a welcome break to a summer of hot days filled with hard work.  We have so much to be thankful for!!


  1. Oh, your family is beautiful! And we LOVE Grand Lake...haven't been there in years, but it's a favorite!

  2. what fun photos! and looks like fun at your place!!
    happy Fall!

  3. Beautiful photographs! I love that pic with the chips. I wish I had those chips right now!

  4. I think Kansas looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I am stopping by from Weekend Blog Walk.


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