Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Thought I Was Going to Hell For That One

"You're going to go to hell for that one, Missy.
You and your twin pack of costumed super-heros," she said.

Okay, she didn't exactly say those words, but her look in her eyes did.  If looks could condemn, let me tell you hers would have sent me to the fiery furnace!

Well now that's a super-fun confrontation memory to scrounge up from eight years ago! Here's how it really went down: I was standing outside the nursery room after bible study one morning, ready to scoop up my kiddos and take them home for a little lunch and nap when I ran into, well, how about we just call her Prudence for now?  As we zipped up jackets and strapped in strollers, I non-chalantly asked her what her kids were going to be for Halloween.  That's when the look came, followed by Ms. Prudence's provocation of doom and gloom.

"You don't let your kids participate in Halloween do you??"

Umm, err...well, uhhhh...

"You know that's Satan's holiday, right?  We only celebrate All Saints Day in our home.  No real Christian actually celebrates Halloween."

Well, there's a newsflash for ya. I currently attend bible study as a fake-Christian.  Awesome.

From that experience I learned 2 things...maybe 3:

1.  I'm not a fake Christian just because I let my kids trick-or-treat.  Hallelujah!

2.  There are people in this world who live their lives in the land of the far right and the far left - both need to put on their walkin' boots and take a hike towards center.

3.  When you're confronted with issues or statements or accusations or chastisements that you don't have an answer for, you have to go and find the answer.

So, that's what I did. I found the answer as to why I not only let my kids say "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" every year, but why we celebrate Halloween with a purpose. Do you want to know why we celebrate?  Here's my answer:

Pretty much every crazy fun holiday has it's roots in Christianity.  Christmas (the obvious one), St. Patrick's Day (you can thank Fr. Pat for your green beer), St. Valentine's Day (yes, the holiday of romance was sparked by a saint), and even Halloween.  Even though secular society has done it's best to water down and even taint most holidays with secular sayings such as, "It's not Christmas, it's Winterfest" or to celebrate them with drunken parades, and over-sexualized costumes and trinkets at Wal-Mart, it doesn't change the fact that these holidays are rooted in a deep and historic meaning, and have a sincere purpose, especially for those who celebrate them within the context of their Christian faith.

Okay, back to Halloween.  While the holiday is partially derived from ancient pagan traditions, it's real and current roots stem from the response of Christians to these pagan practices. (You can read a very interesting and more complete explanation here and a longer, yet more thorough one here). Halloween takes it's name from the original phrase All Hallows' Eve, Which literally means, The Eve of All Saints. The Christian Calendar celebrates All Saints Day on November 1.  The evening before, they remember those who have passed on from this life into eternal life. Over time, All Hallows Eve became Halloween.

Now, with all that being said, yes, there are still serious dangers, dark practices and satanic forces at work that we should guard our children from (but, let's be honest, Satan is having one big party here on earth 24-7, not just at Halloween).  I'm not suggesting that my children partake in such evils and absurdities.  I am suggesting, however, that we be a force for good in the world by understanding and living the truths of what we believe in as Christians.  A very wise elderly priest once told me that I most certainly should take my kids trick-or-treating.  He said that as Christians we can laugh at death, because our Savior, Jesus Christ, has conquered sin and death, once and for all.  When we participate in Halloween, we triumph with Christ knowing that no matter how scary death may be, our hope is surely in Him.

On a lighter note, who doesn't love two days of fun and goodies?? Halloween is like the tail-gate before the big game! We enjoy the fun of Halloween, and the next day complete the party with an All Saint's Day celebration.  By teaching solid truth with honest meaning, Halloween can be a wonderful opportunity for kids to grow in their Christian faith while having fun.  Touchdown!

This year, three of the boys will be trick-or-treating.  No costume plans for baby Charlie yet (I'm still waiting to be inspired!), Henry is going as Davy Crockett, and George wants to be Bill Snyder, coach of the #6 Kansas State Wildcats (as of today, that is...tomorrow it will probably change - he' my creative one, so you know that goes!).

Steve and I are also going to a party this year.  So far, our top choices are:
1.  The Matrix Couple - Neo and Trinity (hubby's pick)
2.  Kenny and Dolly - Yes, I will need prosthetics and a wig.
3.  Bob Barker and one of the Ladies - I just want to see Steve with a spray tan.  I will still need prosthetics and a wig.

What are you dressing up as?? Do you have any ideas for Steve and me?? Please share!!  Here are some fun ideas I found online:
Viking from I am Momma Hear Me Roar.  One of my boys will have be this at some point.  I love it!
Rainbow Girl from  If I had a girl, this one would totally win me over!!
Little Red Riding Hood and Sherlock Holmes from The Nesting Spot.  Seriously, if these two came to my door, I would give them all of the candy! They are precious!
Costume from the movie "Up" on Pinterest.  Really?? There are just no words for such cuteness!
Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack from Doodle Craft.  A homemade costume that the boys would wear after Halloween.  So creative!
 Spaghetti Baby  from One Man's Blog.  Babies are so squishy and yummy and this costume just puts them over the top!
Burt and Mary Poppins costumes. I love, love, love this look! Costumes don't have to trashy, they can be classy and fun and cool!
Spider Shades from Martha Stewart. I am going to make these to wear when I take the boys trick-or-treating. Aren't they fun??
 Grumpy Old Couple from Tip Junkie.  Easy to throw together and so hilarious! Just be sure to take pics. Who knows, we might look exactly like this some day!!


  1. When I was a little girl, Halloween terrified me... I confess that it still does. LOL! I confess that the biggest reason we do not party on Halloween is that I really only have time for one event/set of costumes over a two-day period. We go way out for All Saints' Day and I barely get our stuff together for that. Throw in Halloween and I'm toast! Fortunately, it's easy to bypass because it's short and we usually go to Mass on "All Hallow's Eve" in costume. Now that the kids are older, I'm considering letting them run around the neighborhood for a while... but I just can't figure out why I would want all that candy in the house! :)
    Love the costumes you posted! I would love to go to a costume party with my hubby!

    1. Of course you have to choose what is best for your family. I really wanted to give some encouragement to those who feel that Halloween must be banned from their list of celebratory experiences during the year. As for the candy - well, it's not good, but you can set limits (as with most everything it seems). We let our kids pick a few pieces that the rest I either throw out, give away or freeze to crush up on ice cream for toppings on special occasions. I love that you celebrate All Saints Day - it' so much fun!

  2. Lol! I love this post! Halloween is too fun to be taken seriously...unless you are one of those far left or far right people;) I like the Kenny and Dolly idea myself! LOL! My 18 month old is going to be the Lorax! Last year we stole the show with my daughter as the Mad Hatter

    Good luck!

  3. LOVE this post! I have been wondering what to do with Halloween and this give some good points to think about :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. 1) This post rocks.
    2) Good to know I have company in the fake-Christian fan club.
    3) Those costume ideas are just ridiculously cute. Pinning!


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