Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Unexpected Joy of Cleaning Toilets

This quote has been a little inspiration tucked away in my heart these past few days, as I have been away from my family so that I can help my mom who just had hip replacement surgery.  I miss my husband and my funny little boys and the craziness of our day-to-day adventures.  But, I have found a special joy in being here with my parents to help them through this time.  It's funny how difficult it is for me to find joy in cleaning, cooking and doing laundry at my own home, but here it's been wonderful.  As my parents get older, I'm finding it more and more of a privilege to care for them and to help them in any way possible.

And, my parents have been so incredibly gracious.  I keep telling them that I'm paying off old debts from the misbehaviors of my childhood and the mistakes of my teen years.  Of course they just laugh at me, but I kind of mean it! They just don't realize that I'm thankful for floors that need swept and clothes that need folded, because they are opportunities for me to love them, to thank them for all that they have done for me in my life.  No parent expects to be "paid back" for everything they gave to raise their children, so perhaps it's more about me and my need to feel that they understand how thankful I am. (However, should my own children one day feel inclined to "pay me back" with their Cinderella skills, I'll be just fine with that!)

My time here has also made more more acutely aware of the undeniable truth that my parents are aging - and I don't want them to.  Growing up you just kind of expect your parents to stay the same.  Then, you move out and move on with life.  You're away from them, perhaps don't see them very often.  The years slip away between the tension of busyness of work, children and responsibilities. I'm so intent on fighting back my own birthdays, that I forget that time ticks on for all of us, even my parents, and I want to slow it down for them more than anyone.
My little emotional grieving of the pains of aging was comforted by a lovely exchange of laughter and affection between Mom and Dad.  I had asked Dad if I could borrow his (super-awesome) camera to take (a bunch of fuzzy) pictures of the two.  While mom glammed up a bit for the pics, dad knelt down beside her and a little teasing (let's just call it flirting) began...
I really have no idea what they were talking about, but seeing them laugh to the point of tears was fantastic!
I'm not sure what's going on here, but from my perspective it was hilarious! (Let's take a moment to pause for a routine glasses check??? What are you babe, super-far or super-near sighted?? Who knows!)
I'll treasure these snapshots forever.  They remind me of how blessed I am to be one of the lucky ones ~  lucky that my parents are still here on this earth and in my life, they are still together, and they still love each other very much.  How rare for the times we live in!  I hope my children get to feel the same way about me and Steve some day.


  1. may God bless you for your faithful obedience through serving your parents. their love is evident and heartwarming. prayers for you and your parents.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam, lena

  2. Wow this is beautiful. How blessed you are to have parents like this! :) My parents divorced when I was 15 and it was very hard. I hope to set a good example for children however and have the kind of marriage I always wish my parents had. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love them! Squeeze them! And never take for granted that they are here to guide you and love on you and your kiddos!

  4. P.S. You mother is beautiful, Susan! I pray I'll age as flawlessly as she has!

  5. Oh my goodness ... tears just absolutely burst into my eyes when I saw these pictures of your parents. How precious! I love love and you managed to capture it perfectly :)


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