Monday, October 29, 2012

A Cure For the Common Cold

Last week, my baby had a cold.

I don't know about you, but when my baby has a cold, there is really no point in trying to do anything productive whatsoever, because baby needs his momma.  A lot.  By a lot, I mean he wants to be held. Not held sitting down, oh, no. If I tried to sit down or even play with him on the floor it instantly provoked an eruption of big, big tears. It was a facial flood of epic proportions. So, I did what most of you would do, and I held him standing up.  Whatever I tried to accomplish during the day, I did holding a 28 pound baby and a box of kleenex. Oh, sweet baby Charlie! You didn't mean to send momma's back into spasmatic cramps, my arms into exhaustion, my house into a sea of snotty tissues.
Thankfully, Charlie's brothers are a troop of compassion.  They came to his rescue and to mine. There were only two things that would cheer up our little patient during his nasal nightmare :
1.  Swinging outside in his little bee swing and 
2. Riding with the boys on their E-Z Rollers.  
Each brother would take a turn cruising around with Charlie inside the garage or out on the sidewalks. He would instantly relax, resting in their arms, enjoying the ride. The E-Z rollers were a Christmas gift last year, and I've never been so thankful for them in my life!  I highly recommend them!
The boys have spent hours racing each other, pulling Charlie around, and lining up like a train with one brother in the back pushing the line.  Charlie is completely entertained, and I get a 30 minute time-out with some ibuprofen and a cup of tea.
This is my Andrew, politely telling me "no thank you" when I asked him if he would take me for a cruise, since I now have Charlie's cold and am also not feeling well.
After Andrew's rejection, I asked Baby Jr. for the same support. His look says it all, "You're joking, right, mom?" Love their brutal honesty, it's so funny!
After the E-Z roller cruise, they're on to the swings.  Andrew and Henry really get Charlie gigglin' when they fly up to touch the tree branches with their toes on the banana swing.
With Christmas around the corner, if you're looking for a gift that doesn't require batteries, doesn't light-up, doesn't require a mechanic to assemble and doesn't send your child into an electronic trance, E-Z rollers are a great choice.
My boys are also very hard on all of their outdoor equipment (bikes, toys etc.) and these have held up perfectly(except for maybe a few scratches to the paint). Be sure to shop around, because the prices vary quite a bit from site to site. You can view them here.


  1. It does come in handy to have a few brothers!

  2. Your boys are so darling, and how sweet of them to help you take care of their little brother! Little ones with colds make mama miserable, too! Hope he feels better soon. Anxious to read more about your boys!

  3. I feel your pain... and joy... Our boys have been sick now for over a week and I've oscillated between self-pity and gratitude for the chance to care for them... I just blogged about it too!


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