Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Great to Be Together Again - The Short Saturday Post

Friday night, at 6:20 p.m. with a firm grip, Ben pressed the binoculars to his eyes, bringing into focus the dusty road ahead.

Just behind him stood Henry, barefoot, squinting, as though doing so would help him see more clearly what they had been waiting all week to see - their father, in his white pick-up truck, rambling down the road to see his family after a long week away.

The chain of command was Ben first, on the watch, he would signal Henry to run the message of return to George, the half-way point.  George, with the biggest voice, would yell out to Andrew, who paced the deck back and forth, waiting for his turn to ring the bell, the sound that would sing Dad's long-awaited return to the farm.

I wish I had a picture of those boys faithfully manning their posts.  But, I was inside, scurrying around the kitchen, making sure our love - a home cooked meal - was seasoned well, that nothing was missing from the table, and that I, myself, could possibly be a sight for my lover's sore eyes, searching for my lipstick and a comb.
{George surprised me with bouquet of flowers - perfect for the table!}
I'll admit that this summer has been pretty intense, endless hours of work and responsibilities have left little time for leisure, or opportunities to have an occasional break to do something "girly."  I was very tired yesterday.  When Steve is gone, I don't sleep well, and feel the need to get everything on my long to-do list done.  Part of me wanted to flop down on the couch, tell the kids cereal would suffice for supper, and call Steve up asking him to grab a burger on his way home.
{Simple spaghetti supper on the deck -with vino, of course!}
But, the other part of me, the part that I want to become the whole of me, also knows that there's always a little bit more to give, and once I submit to that thought, grace unfailingly comes just in time to help me say yes.  Yes to a welcome home dinner, a clean house and mowed grass, to lipstick and freshly washed hair.
{Little guys at the little table. Henry and his random slice of ham??}
We always miss Steve so terrible much when he's gone, whether it's for a day or a week.  It stirs up a great compassion in me for those who have to travel for work, separated from family, those who live across the ocean due to military commitments, or others who face the permanent absence of a loved one lost, one whose memory still holds a special place at every dinner table.

I know, without a doubt, how very richly we are blessed to be together again.


  1. Glad your husband is back home with his family!!! What a sweet welcome home!!
    My husband travels (he's a military pilot) and I miss him every time - always glad when the trip/deployment ends!!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet welcome for your husband. Your boys are such treasures. And you write so beautifully!


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