Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Posts in 7 Days - An Epic Blogging Challenge

Asking the Lord what He wants from you might sound easy, but it isn't.  Speaking the words, "What can I do for you, Lord?" is simple. But, offering sincerity in those words is a different story.  A story that requires an honest level of conviction and commitment. When you ask in earnest, with an open mind and an open heart, you must be prepared for His answer to be anything.  Anything.  And, anything may be exactly what you need but not what you want, not what you expect.  

I've been asking this question in prayer for a while....and also asking the Lord to allow me to do something really beautiful for Him, just for Him.  I don't have anything specific in mind. One day, I just felt inspired to ask this of Him in prayer.  And, while I've been awake and ready for the opportunity for that "something beautiful" to come, the answer has simply been a quiet, "Just keep going."  

What we do everyday, in the ordinary moments of life, is in itself a beautiful gift, especially when we give our best efforts, the best of ourselves to others and to the Lord with love, despite how we may feel physically, mentally or emotionally. Those moments of sacrifice added up amount to a great deal more beauty than we can perceive.  I know this, and I believe it whole-heartily. Yet, I can't shake the feeling, deep down, that I am being called to pray this prayer, and that God will answer it in His time.

While the past six months of offering this petition have been a bit repetitious, something is beginning to stir - I can feel it - the winds of change are blowing.  I don't why, what, when or or how but they are. And, I hope I'm ready when the moment for beauty comes.  I hope I will be able to hear the call. I hope I will be brave.

In the mean time....
(Image shared from Conversion Diary)
In case you didn't catch this post title, I'm accepting the 7 Posts in 7 Days Epic blogging challenge over at one of my favorite blogs, Conversion Diary. Now, per usual, I am unfashionably late to the party.  Well, at least when your link up #191 you know you're not giving anyone blogger envy.  Wouldn't want to begin the week tempting anyone into the sin of envy, now would we?

So, I had this big plan to start the challenge off in a big way.  Big as in posting before 8:00 a.m. and giving ya'll some super-duper content to savor for the day.  It was a brilliant idea, I tell you, and I had all of the grit and ambition needed to see the plan through.  {You now feel an excuse coming on, don't you??}

Yes, I have sipped from the counter-productive cocktail once again.  The 2 year old who's new favorite activity is dumping out everything in sight and saying, "Uh-Oh! Oh, No!", combined with delayed travel plans and shaken together with a limping dog who needs to be taken to the vet have derailed my dedication to this project. So, here I am, at 1:30 p.m., with a big fat nuthin'!

So, I'm making the executive decision to hereby officially make the point of this post one of announcements {YAWN}, with the promise that Tuesday will deliver the dough.  For your speed-reading convenience, I'm going to style this up real pretty with bullet-points:

  • You may have noticed that things look a little different around here.  And, while the blog is still under construction, I hope that the new format (once it's up and running) is more user-friendly
  • You may be wondering where my Favorite Blog List went.  Well, they've received their own honorary page titled "Blog Love" with the other navigation tabs.
  • Commenting has been difficult, if not impossible, for many of you, which is a big bummer!  I'm hoping with this new set-up that more of you will be able to post your thoughts/feedback now. Every blogger loves to hear from his/her readers, so please take a moment to share your thoughts with us!
  • If by some small chance you were using Google Reader to stay updated on my recent posts, then you're fresh out of luck (and so am I).  The best way to keep up with all of the craziness around here is to: 
1.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter,  
2.  Subscribe via e-mail or RSS feed.  
All of those links are in the right hand column - see the cute little green buttons above my picture, and the e-mail bar below? That's where you'll find me!

Okay, that about wraps things up.  Have a lovely evening!!



  1. Vowing to be a little more brave from here on out. Thanks for this one!

    1. Jo - your big man George is in for a treat this week - Thursday and Friday are going to be completely dedicated to the farm!

  2. I am enjoying the changes you're making to the look of the blog. Especially all the pink running shoes! Good luck with the next 6 days!

    1. Thanks, Christine! I'm not sure if I'm that excited about the shoes....but I'm trying some new things here. It's kind of like decorating the house, you have to give the new looks a little time before they feel like "home."

  3. Susan, can't wait to see what God has cookin' with you ;) Always so inspiring, you are!


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