Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - It's Been One Super Sweet Week!

No big intro today, folks, just a big fat T.G.I.F.!!  It's been a kay-kay-kayrayzee week! Actually, that seems a little bit dramatic.  Isn't every week crazy when you have kids? So, technically, the last time life didn't feel crazy was back in 2001.  Ah, the good ol' days...Just kidding! Crazy is fun!  No??  Let me show you:
1.  Rice Krispy Treats 
One of my one-thousand "mom goals" is to teach the boys to cook at least 4 or 5 really good, but basic, meals so that they can help me more in the kitchen when they get older, and so they can invite friends over for dinner during their college years.  AND, so when they get married they have a mighty fine "I'm sorry" tool in their back pocket for those rare times when they have wronged their sweetheart. This week, Ben and Andrew had a hankering for something sweet, so I gave them full reign of the kitchen.  They made RKT's with mini chocolate chips and sprinkles. Then, oh-so-proud of their culinary accomplishments, they had to wave a giant piece in front of me - WHILE I'M EXERCISING! Good thing I had weights in my hands...and a color coordinated army of fit and toned humans on TV pressuring me to pump it like a bad ass.
But, true to form, I broke down the next day and slathered a big boulder of that mish-mash real nice-like with some peanut butter.  It made an afternoon of paying the bills slightly less painful.

2. S'mores
As long as we're on the sweet path of diet destruction, why not throw in a bucket of s'mores?  Once you give in to sweets, it's a slippery slope into addition, so the boys refer to me as the sugar Nazi. I lightened up a bit since Steve was gone this week, and because there were so many chores to tackle on the farm after being away for a month, I promised the boys that we would do one enjoyable lazy thing each evening if we finished our tasks cooperatively during the day.
After a big day of cleaning out the garage, when they asked for s'mores, I couldn't say no.
Steve's parents have an amazing fire pit in their back yard, and with the weather being cool from rain we had received earlier in the day, it was a perfect evening to start a fire and saturate ourselves with more sugar!

3.  Farm Fashion (Is that an oxymoron?)
The power of influence that a 20 year old college kid can have on a near-forty farmer is a skosh higher than I'd like to admit to. I've looked at this pic at least 100 times since Steve texted it to me, and laugh every stinkin' time!  Mid-harvest, the guys were getting tired, so it was Jonathan's (far right) idea to kick the attitude up a notch with some cut off shirts and quality made in China aviators from Wal-Mart.  We're one cup of crazy away from having our own reality show. But, more on that later!

Finding quality time for prayer in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of each day isn't easy.  But, I'll be honest, without it, I'm a bit of a mess as a wife, mom, friend etc., etc.  This girl needs grace!! Recently, I have really fallen in love with the book, The Better Part.  It's a scripture based resource that also includes an abundance of beautiful and profound quotes (which I LOVE!), thoughtful meditations, scripture from the New Testament, and Catechism references.  I highly recommend it!

5.  The Cry Room Bandwagon

Last week, Kendra at Catholic all Year opened up to her readers about her feelings on the issue of whether or not parents should feel obligated to use the cry room during Mass if their kids are fussy. Many other fantastic bloggers weighed in on the issue, and I enjoyed reading several of their responses. While I didn't write a response of my own, my personal feelings on the issue are just that - personal. I'm not sure that there's one perfect solution for everyone (However, I do LOVE Melody's brilliant idea to have bouncers at the door!).  Her sentiments on the issue were identical to my own.

What it boils down to for me is this: While I love for our family to be able to sit together during Mass, and the cry-room isn't always the most pleasant place to quiet a screaming child, sometimes it's necessary.  We come to Mass (hopefully) in a somewhat recollected state, to praise, worship and adore our Lord.  If I'm anxious about the disruption my toddler is causing to others, my worrisome mind is most likely not going to be Christ-focused at all.  And, while the play room is more like a chat-room for most parents, I have no problem at all pushing my way up to the front, nose to the glass, reciting the unison prayers aloud in an effort to worship while my child wails.  It is the cry room after all. And, if I happen to accidentally kick one of the "sitters" while attempting to kneel, forgive me, but it isn't the observation room. We're still in Mass -  even if every one else believes the terrible two's has bought them a ticket to romper room instead of church. 

The child soon learns that he/she is not going to be set free to join the zoo of cutie-patooties climbing over and under the seats beside us.  I stand firm, speak quietly in my child's ear to calm down, and simply wait out the tantrum.  The boys soon learn that we're not there to play, and that sitting cooperatively and quietly with the family is less torturous than being in a room full of kiddos who are allowed to run wild while he is locked in mommy's arms, which are not about to let go. Okay, that was longer than I intended - so, moving on!

6.  Forget Bears and Bunnies
It's no secret, we're a little book obsessive around here.  The fascination starts early, and slowly progresses into the child's absolute inability to fall asleep without at least 4-5 of their current favorites in the crib.  One of the boys snuck in and snapped this fuzzy little shot of Charlie, who is proudly following in his brothers' literary footsteps. 

7.  Treehouse Masters
When it comes to what's on TV these days, I'm totally out of the loop. The TV basically takes up living room space in the summer time (unless it's an Olympic year), because our lives function completely in the outdoor world, and we are rarely inside. So many bloggers eagerly share their favorite "must watch" shows with great enthusiasm, and I have NO IDEA what they're talking about! However, a few weeks ago, unable to sleep, I turned on the tube and came across the show, Treehouse Masters and fell in love!  We Tevo it for the boys (because I abhor commercials), and they enjoy watching it as much as I do. It really will make you want to build one of your own!

Until tomorrow my friends!


  1. Great pic of yous son sleeping with books! Maybe your men should do a calendar!lol

  2. Oh my gosh, that mish mash looks ridiculous and delicious! Hope you're house hunting is going well!

    1. Um, hello, Kathleen - where did your blog go??? I miss it!!


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