Friday, July 19, 2013

Collin Klein Passing Academy - 7 QT Friday

When Steve and I found out that one of our favorite athletes, Collin Klein (former QB for the K-State Wildcats), was bringing his Passing Academy Camp to our area, we were just a tad bit excited, and so were our boys.  Following Collin's career as a college athlete over the past few years hasn't just been about football.  Football is simply the platform upon which Collin, as a person, as a man of character, has been able to shine bright and lead young men across the nation through his great example and integrity.
Tuesday morning, I saddled the troops up (harvest highlights comin' to you next week!) and headed back west, just so the top three could attend the camp.  My 7 Quick Takes for the week are about - you guessed it - football camp.

1.  Mom Leads the Charge
Okay, I'm not going to take full credit for the birth of our fan club - wait, yes I am - but I was the one who began cheering for him before he became a national college football force.  The fact that he was homeschooled, and loves his family and the Lord may have a little bit to do with it (not to mention the obvious fact that he's totally adorable. Mrs. Klein, I say that with the utmost respect!.).  This picture may or may not have been snapped at a bar in Aggieville the night before the Cats pounced on Texas Tech - EMAW!!.

2.  George the Fearless
One thing you need to know about George is that he truly believes he can do anything.  If you told him to lace up his skates and hit the ice he would do it with passion - even if he'd never skated before. Watching him interact with Collin was delightful.  George never once felt intimidated (I envy his confidence!), high-fiving him after big plays, just like they were next door neighbors back in the day.

3.  Farm Kids vs. Pool Kids
Okay, this is a toughie, but if you had to guess which one of these boys has been working on the farm all summer, and which ones have been practicing their cannon balls at the pool, which one would you choose?? That's my Ben, sportin' his farmer tan like a boss!  He's also probably the one out there with the happiest heart - tractor driving and football playing all in one summer is heaven for that boy!

4. Mr. Most Likely to Play for KSU 
Seldom does life turn out the way we plan for it to, or hope for it to, but if we were to look into the future, in say 9 or 10 years, the probability of Andrew being on a football field at a university somewhere might not be an exaggerated vision.  Trust me, those aren't my plans, they're his.  And, when Andrew makes plans, he sees them through.  Time will tell!

5.  Charlie: A.K.A. 
Cutie-Patootie Equipment Manager 
Each day, at the close of camp, little siblings would pour out onto the field embracing their long-awaited opportunity to play like the big boys.  Let me tell you, Charlie was in pig-skin heaven!!  His favorite play was to run as fast as his little legs would carry him down the field with a chubby little finger clutch on the football, and then slow down just enough to throw it and tumble to the ground squealing, "I'm down, I'm down!" 
I love this shot of Charlie helping Ben get his cleats on.  Those two are like peas and carrots!

6.  Collin on Character
After the 1st day of camp, I asked the boys to tell me everything that they learned from the coaches and from Collin.  I expected to hear details about fundamentals and passing routes, but instead was given a heart-felt summary of Collin's sentiments on what truly makes a great player great.
{Collin's dad, standing in the background, was a great encourager to everyone.}
Just a little advice that Collin shared with the boys:
- Don't compare yourself to others.  You have specific gifts that no one else has.  Find out what those are, set your goals high and compete with yourself.

-  When opportunities and/or relationships arise on your journey toward your goals, if those opportunities don't help you grow, if they don't make your commitment to God, Family and Goals stronger, you need to say, "No" to those opportunities and relationships, even if it's difficult.

-  Set a time table for your goals. Don't just say, "In the future, I'd like to do this."  You must put a time frame on all of your goals and then work hard to reach them.

- Character is built in the little things, on and off the field.  Be an encourager to your team mates, your friends, your family, your school mates.  Put others before yourself, be a helper, and recognize when others are in need.

 7. We Owe the Man a Sharpie
As of yesterday, we are now the proud owners of 4 shirts, 3 footballs, 2 cards, 1 Sport's Illustrated, and 1 Nike cleat that have all been autographed by #7 himself.  If farming doesn't work out, I think we might have a good start to an EBay business.  Collin took his time talking to every camper, parent and sibling who stood in line to meet him, including our family.  It was truly a pleasure to visit with him!

He thanked every parent for bringing their kid(s) to the camp.  And, I think I can speak for all of us, when I say that we are the ones who owe him thanks for being such a strong and upright role model for our sons to look up to. Those role models (unfortunately) are few and far between in the world of sports. For us, Collin's athletic talents play second fiddle to his example, his commitment to character, family, values and God.  We wish him the best of luck and an abundance of blessings in whatever his future may bring. We're still cheering for you Collin!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!!


  1. Replies
    1. We like to send the boys to at least one camp each summer (besides a Catholic camp), and this one did not disappoint!!

  2. So awesome!!! We followed Collin's career, too and loved watching him!
    I love his tips to the boys - especially about not comparing yourself!!!
    And your little one is so cute!!!

    1. Visiting with him was a great joy - he's a very genuine soul.

  3. Loved this post for many reasons. Way to beat the Raiders, by the way. Not a fan of the red and black! I bet that camp was just awesome. You captured some great moments on film, momma!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn!! Taking pics was a challenge as I was trying to keep up with Charlie, and rescue him from getting smooshed by the big guys!


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