Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday 2

Happy Sunday!! This is my second time linking up with Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday. The first time I linked up I not only shared a photo, but also my personal sentiments about why dressing up for church on Sunday really is a great gift that we can give the Lord and our families. For round 2, my oldest son, who is my official photographer, snapped a pic of me out on the deck.
I really feel like the settings we choose are super-professional {snicker}.  Do you like the garden hose and doggy doo on the ground behind me?? Well, there was doggy doo, but photoshop helped disguise that little number.  Let's just call this photo session rustic, or how about pastoral? Maybe farm girl au natural?  Next week there might be chickens and a cow in the pic, you never know!!  It's also very possible that I look as though I might need a nap, since I had just polished off a huge plate of Tai food approximately 17 minutes prior to saying, "cheese!"  Anyhoo.... here's the lowdown on the outfit:

Maxi Dress - (dress seems like an exaggeration since it feels like jammies) Sister Moses $???
White Lace Cami - Maurices $12 with coupons
Denim Jacket - Silver, many moons ago
Boots - Zappos clearance 2011 (I think a pair of cowboy boots from Country Outfitters would really snazz this outfit up!)
Jewelry - Random pieces of Tarjay clearance items
Scarf - Christmas gift from my mom (thanks, Mom!)

Have a GREAT week, everyone!!


  1. Your outfit is beautiful - I don't normally like maxi dresses - and I LOVE your hair!!

  2. Amazing outfit! And your backdrop is gorgeous!

  3. I love your pastoral scenery. You look lovely!

  4. Cute outfit! Love the color of the dress!

  5. I've seen two denim jackets so far on the link-ups, so I'm starting to regret putting mine aside. I love everything about your look!

  6. You look so great in your denim jacket + dress. Must try this (when it warms up here). Thanks for sharing!

  7. V.V.V. cute. And the cuff roll is stellar. Must employ!

    You have the best hair, too. Really!


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