Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes ~ Very Inspirational Blogger Award

This past week is the first week, since the birth of this blog, that I haven't published any new posts.  When good friends and wonderful family come out for a visit to the farm, it's time to to put the clickity-clack at the keyboard to rest.  During my blogging hiatus, I was ever-so-kindly nominated for the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award, by Dina at A Plucky Procrastinator! What a surprise to know that someone actually considers you to be inspiring!! Sarcastic, yes, but inspiring?? Yay!
As with all blogging awards, you have to follow a few little rules.  First, you get to enjoy 7 interesting things about me with your morning cup of joe, or afternoon diet coke, or evening glass of wine....and I also get to share my list of inspirational bloggers with you!  Here we go!!...

1.  I can hang a spoon from my nose.  It's been a valuable source of entertainment for my kids (and some unfortunate onlookers) over the past few years.  Really, it's how you embrace being given an over-sized snout.

2.  I used to play the tenor saxophone.  My love for the instrument began in 6th grade, and I continued to play through college in the symphony, a jazz quartet and marching band.  Good times!

3.  For 15 years I've been trying to train for and run a marathon, but have not been able to accomplish my goal.  BUT, I'm currently training for one that is set for April 28th, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't trip over a chicken and break a limb between now and then. (Knock. On. Wood.)

4.  I'm a big fan of gardening.  It's very challenging where we live, but I think I'm getting it figured out. It's really my little way of farming, and we get to eat all of the delicious benefits!

5.  I have a lazy eye.  I can literally be looking at you, and my right eye will drift outward.  It also happens when attempting to apply eye-liner a bit too close to the mirror.  Next time I'll You Tube if for you.

6.  It would be a dream come true for me to write and publish either a children's book or a song that makes it into the hands of a professional singer.  I heard Debbie Gibson has some free time.  What?? Who's that, you say?? Hello! Electric Youth?? Only in My Dreams??...

7.  I often speak in my blog about the necessity of a good glass of wine at the end of a long and hard day of mothering, but I must confess that while wine is good, I'm actually a beer girl.  There's nothing better than a cold beer in a frosty mug to quench a farm girl's thirst!

Here's my list of 15 for your reading pleasure:


  1. Like you, I'm a beer gal, too. Count me in as one who thinks you're inspiring. Have an awesome Holy Week!

  2. Thank you, Susan! I should have known about the beer. Anyone who balances a spoon on her nose isn't a wine drinker. :)
    I'm rooting for you to get to that marathon. You can do it!


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