Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Big Little Chicken Coop Project

When you live on a farm, there are always a lot of projects and tasks to work on, and I love it when the boys can jump in and help Steve or Grandpa accomplish their goals.  Being the queen of this camp, I like to think that I have my own special way of inspiring the guys to take on projects that they may never have dreamed up themselves.  Let me put it another way.  Sometimes I want stuff, and I want stuff done.  So, they do it. Just for me.  And, I love them.

For example, I think this farm needs some chickens, and if we're going to have chickens, we're going to need a chicken coop.  Since my hubby has some sweet skills when it comes to building things, I knew he could easily handle a little old chicken coop.  Here's the one I picked out:
Easy peasy, right?? Exactly. Thanks for being on my team, here, I feel your support.  He didn't really dig my little chick oasis.  In fact, judging by his reaction to my phenomenal plans, I think that something like this is probably more of what he had in mind:
Nope, I'm not even jokin' around here.  I know, poor, poor baby chickies, right?  We are so together on this one, I can feel it.

Because, our first (very brief) planning meeting didn't go so hot (I knew I should have brought donuts), I suggested that we let the boys choose a design, get involved with the planning/building process and make it part of their school work. I like to call that type of school "practical learning", or "pre-engineering 101".  Yeah, that sounds awesome.  Of course they were pumped about the idea, the whole thought of swinging hammers and using tools that have to be plugged in makes 'em dizzy.  It's like crafts for the testosterones. 

This was their surprisingly amazing pick:
 {Hobbit Hole Coops from Etsy}
As loyal fans of The Lord of the Rings, I think that Tolkien would be proud of us them.  Unfortunately, a "Chicken Shire" might be a little ambitious for my little builders to take on.  Somewhere between a cardboard box and the Hobbit Holes would be just perfect.  

After pouring over pages of plans, the troops decided on this:
 {Shiloh Design from Clean Coops}
Well, it's not my original white delight, but it's gonna do just fine!  I can still paint it white with green trim and it will be home sweet home for my happy little layers!  

I'm glad to report that nearly every day, Steve and the boys work diligently on constructing the coop, and it's really starting to come together!  Last weekend, I snapped a few pics....
Ben and Andrew (the two oldest) do most of the work, with Steve's assistance.  But, the younger ones like to jump in every once in a while a help too.
I'm diggin' the tool belts. They at least look like they're serious about getting something done!
My Crew.
Henry and George built their own work bench out of scrap lumber.  Very industrious of them!
No phalanges were harmed in the photographing of this project. Just FYI.
Ready for the chicks! I mean, fowl. You know what I mean....



  1. Yeah chickens!! I didn't get to pick out my coop design, seeing the house came with a 100 year old coop. We have a lot of work to do on it this year, as we're completely changing the outdoor run. Our boys will be all in with the tools, too.
    I love when you post photos of the boys. They are so stinkin' cute.

    1. Aw, thanks, they are pretty cute! I would love to see pics of your 100 year old coop! You must post! One of my big dreams is to buy an old farmhouse with a barn and do a remodel/restoration. My better half thinks I'm nuts. One must dream!

    2. That is so funny. While I love the history that goes with our property, I sometimes/frequently wish I could have a pretty, new, clean coop that I designed.

  2. love that your coop will be made by your men. it's beautiful to see boys working along side their dad.

    1. It is beautiful. What a blessing to be able to enjoy such things - the beauty of family life!! :)

  3. Wow! I'm so proud of your sons, too. :)
    And I wonder if we could get a hobbit hole playhouse...


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