Friday, March 1, 2013

Fabulously Fun (and modest) Swimwear!

With recent fashion giving a sweet little nod to vintage appeal, I'll be the first to say that I appreciate it's influence on style when it comes to modesty.  Thankfully, the vintage trend isn't just influencing skirts and blouses, but swimwear as well.  You may think it impossible to say modest, swimwear and attractive all in the same sentence, but that's where I must challenge you!
**Although not pictured, many of these styles come with a skirt option for the bottom!!**
1.  Halter Tankini  - Shade Clothing
2.  Fishtail  - Shabby Apple
3.  Zebra Tankini  - Hapari
4.  Athena Floral Halter  - Eddie Bauer
5.  Retro Tankini - Divinita Sole (Love, Love, Love this site!)
6.  Janzen Onepiece  - Popina
7.  Holly Design  - Rey Swimwear (Getting new stock in March!)
8.  Madras Tankini  - Lime Ricki
9.  Northshore Tankini  - MODBE

{Pardon me, please, while I take this moment to step up on my modesty soapbox:}
I'm not going to beat around the bush, here ladies, when it comes to modesty, I am a little confused when it comes to our gender's choice of dress, particularly when it comes to swimwear. At my age, I've heard almost every excuse, every (flawed) reason behind the justification of paying a whopping sum for little more than a napkin and some dental floss to wear by the water.  But, it's not the economics of it that bothers me, it's the lack of goods and lack of good in the goods.  So, if you have ever said:

If I've got it, why not flaunt it??
I say, if your body is such a big deal, why not save it for something real?

Who cares what others think of me? I should be able to wear what I want. As long as I like what I'm wearing, that's all that matters.
None of us should feel ashamed of our bodies.  On the contrary, we should see them as a gift and a blessing.  When we truly embrace the personal sense worth and dignity that is within all of us, then we dress proper to that dignity - proper meaning modestly.

Well, it's no my fault if guys can't control themselves.  That's their problem, not mine.
Men are wired to be visually attracted to women.  That was always intended to be a good thing, until sin turned the inclination on its head and transformed a pure form of attraction into a tendency to lust.  In all fairness, ladies, as much as we don't appreciate men making fun of us and chiding us for our hormonal imbalances and emotional sensitivities (something they think WE should be able to control), it isn't fair for us to pounce on their weaknesses either.  We expect a certain sensitivity from them toward our plight, (and appreciate it when they are understanding!), and, in turn, we should respect theirs as well.  We do this best by helping them keep their eyes on our eyes and not on everything south.  Guys may not think that lusting after women is a problem - and THAT in itself is a problem.  When we represent ourselves in a dignified manner, we help them to seek a greater good, a real, authentic beauty.  Their attraction for us and attentiveness to us on a purer level, in the end, is more satisfying to both sexes.  

But, I am going to look like an old-lady in a one-piece. (OR) But, wearing a bikini and bearing all of my mature gifts makes me feel young.
PLEASE!!! For the youth:  Have you never picked up a classic novel and admired a certain heroine of history?? Do you think that Elizabeth Bennett or young Cosette in Les Mis had to wear a string bikini to convince a gentlemen that she was beautiful or worth being loved and admired??  For all of us not so young ones - hanging out of a two-piece may make you feel young, but it doesn't make you look young.  It makes you look....well, you can probably fill in the blank here.  

If you want to rock a number at the beach or pool this year, rock your endearing spirit, your intelligence, your courageous heart, your sense of humor and your confidence first. And, to make sure that none of those gifts go unnoticed, be sure you're dressed for the occasion - I suggest a fabulously fun {and modest} number like the ones shone above.

Now, go be beautiful, my friends.


  1. It's that time again!!! I'm getting into Bikini shape before it's too late.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely suits!

  2. These are all really beautiful. And some are super reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing. Swim suit shopping ranks up there for me with jeans and bra shopping. I hate it with a vengeance and can never find anything that covers me in the right places. And I love how you speak out for modesty in dress! Such a forgotten notion these days!

    1. Uugh, I hear your pain!! jeans shopping requires two shots of tequila first! After having kids, swimsuit shopping isn't really fun either. I have decided to just find a really good suit that covers as it should and allows me to be active in the pool with the kids. It's all about the fun, and not about the figure anymore! :)

  3. LOVED this! Well said!!! And great ideas! XO

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you saw something that you liked!

  4. Some of those suits are really cute. I love suits with "skirts."

    1. Hi Katie! I will only buy suits with skirts for myself, because they make me feel more covered. But, I know that the teens don't like them as well, and I wanted to show them that they can still choose a suit with a full coverage top and brief and still be cute and more modest than with a bikini on.

  5. I completely agree! Great suits too!

  6. For those that want to cover up more..... offers over 30 styles designed for women & girls who want modest swimwear coverage * for religious reasons * for personal modesty (to cover age/weight/medical imperfections) * for added sun-protection

    Made from high-quality Italian nylon/lycra swimwear fabric which is chlorine resistant, non-transparent, UV50+ protective, lightweight & quick-drying.
    Some styles suitable for maternity wear.
    Plus sizes available.
    Mastectomy option available.
    Made in Israel
    Now also available Cotton/Spandex stretchwear: Pencil skirts, Lacey Leggings, Lacey Shells, Lacey Vests

    Please visit our website & contact us for further information.

    Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swim & Stretchwear
    Cover what you style!

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  8. I am a modest clothing designer. We have a line of modest swimwear (mormon swimwear standards.) that is available for pre-order through our online store.
    I created this line for the various reasons you have suggested. We are women and we must stand up for what is right in all times and in all places!


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