Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Water Please!

There's a few charitable souls in this world who have at one time or another labeled me healthy.  They are the few who have seen me eat a salad and snack on an apple, but haven't witnessed me wolf down anything chocolate or chug a brew with a bag of chips (yum!).  

That being said,  I do my best to maintain a decent level of health.  When those "few" ask me how I stay healthy, I usually scroll down a list of about 3-4 reasonable habits.  One of those habits that I truly believe is vital for overall health, is drinking water.  Lots and lots of water.
The #1 simple and economical step anyone can take toward good health, weight loss and increased energy is to substitute water for soda, juice, sport drinks and other sweetened beverages.  When I give Juice Plus presentations and offer attendees a visual aid, such as this one, which is floating around the web, of just how much sugar is in their drinks, they are typically very surprised.

Subbing water isn't so easy at first, but once you make it a habit, it's one that tends to stick.  You've probably heard that you should drink a glass of water if you feel hungry, because sometimes you're body is just trying to tell you to drink more fluids, not more food.
One trick I use for drinking more water is to fill a special container and set it out on my kitchen island with a glass and some lemon slices.  This is my set up. Seeing it out reminds me to keep drinking.  If you're a mom like me, it's nice to have a lovely pitcher or a unique glass just for you to drink from that looks pretty (a perk for all your hard work!).  

I bought this carafe at Hobby Lobby, but you can also find it at Target, Sur La Table and World Market.  Any pitcher will due, really! 
Making flavored waters can be fun as well.  If we eat with our eyes first, the same is probably true for drinking.  My "go to" infused water recipes, which are simple and refreshing, are:

Lemon + Basil
Lemon + Rosemary (I know it sounds funky, but it's really delicious!)
Orange Slices + Cranberries (fresh, not dried) + Mint
Orange + Lemon + Lime Slices
Cucumbers + Mint

I typically have these ingredients on hand, herbs from the garden and produce in the fridge.  The kids like it too!  Need a few more recipe ideas? Head on over to "The Yummy Life".  You'll find a great list of combinations there, and the photos are fantastic.  Don't you love the Ball canning jars?  You can never have too many of those on hand - they're a staple around here!  
On a final note, I have personally experienced the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.  I buy a big bag of lemons and juice a full one or two in a large glass of water and sip on it throughout the morning.  A few of the benefits of doing this are:

~ Packed with Vitamin C, I get a boost of energy and a kick start for my immune system.
~ It helps keep my skin clear!
~ It actually helps control my coffee cravings, and I LOVE my morning cup of joe!

You can read more detailed explanations of the benefits of drinking lemon water at La Jolla Mom.

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  1. Just bought myself a new bag of lemons and now I'm on the hunt for a cute carafe. What a fabulous idea! Your recipes make drinking water seem less blah, and so pretty too, I might add! :)


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