Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day ~ 2012

In our home there are 
50 toes and
10 little soles
to follow your example
wherever you go.

We have a love affair, you and I with our babies' feet.  Each one of them has been tickled and kissed too many times to count.  They carry our boys as they jump out of bed in the morning, climb up trees and run to the door to see you the moment they know you are home.  

Over the past couple of days I've been thinking about where their little feet will carry them in life.  Our oldest son is growing so fast, and will be walking out into the big world before we know it.  Little Charlie is trying with all his might to master those first steps without holding on to a pinkie or a couch.  And, all of the marching in between by younger brothers trying to catch up to the oldest, they are all in one way or another hoping to grow into your boots.
You know, without a doubt, how much your boys adore you.  But, I wanted to take some time this Father's Day to tell you why I believe that they will grow up to regard you as not just a father, but a friend, a mentor and a hero as well:

The number one example that you lead our sons in is love for God.  You may not know it, but they notice you with your cup of coffee, early in the morning, bible open praying in the quiet.  I believe that they also overhear the short conversations we have here and there during the day about life-matters, good and bad, and how you often speak of real struggle and real success in relation to our Father.  And, perhaps right now, praying with them at night and teaching them about the beauty of our faith after supper is just routine, but some day it will be reward.
Next to loving our Lord, the love that you have for me is setting a beautiful example for them.  You are always respectful, and helpful, affectionate and encouraging.  It is not so easy to live in a world saturated with images meant to turn a man's head and heart in every direction except toward his wife.  My heart swells with gratitude for the strong-hold you have on that temptation, and for the sacrificial love you pour into our marriage.  I think that they will remember with fondness the way you tease me, how much we laugh together and dancing together in the kitchen. The children feel safe in our love, they smile when we are close, we cannot underestimate the power of that gift for them.

Finally, there are just so very many things that you can give our sons, that I cannot.  I see God's design in our complimentarity, because it is so very visible throughout the days.  They are connected to you on such a masculine level, that I can only stand by with admiration.  Thank you for stepping up to the plate of quality time.  You could always be more invested outside of the home with work, projects, meetings and hobbies or parked in front of the television oblivious to the the little hearts longing to throw the football around or be taken fishing.  The energy that you pour into everything that they do from sports, to experiences on the farm, to their education are all so vital to their formation, and I could never do it alone.

I hope that this Father's Day you know that within our very imperfect life there lives five little souls who look up and see you as nearly perfect.  Their love for you cannot be contained, their admiration cannot be hidden - cherish it, as they so cherish you!

~ Happy Father's Day!! ~

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