Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Farm Fridays

I've decided that every once in a while I will dedicate my Friday post to the discussion of all things related to the farm.  There are so many things to write about, and my husband can jump in a join me as a contributor since he's the expert.  When you can throw out some agricultural lingo at the coffee shop, your friends will be so impressed, or concerned, I'm not sure which.
Farmer Henry, prepping my yard for grass seed.  
Currently on the farm wheat is being harvested and hay is being swathed, and our boys are crazy excited to be in on all that action.  In between packing lunches for my crew and watching my laundry pile grow, I'm getting a great collection of pics and will put them up next Friday.  So, what's up for today?? Well, it's not pretty, but I feel it must be discussed: today we're talkin' about poo.
Now, even though I didn't grow up on a farm, I'm no stranger to rural life.  Both of my parents were raised on farms, and the little town where I grew up was surrounded by farms.  Here's the classic text book picture of the original PIONEER WOMAN - not quite as glam as the current blogging and Food Nework Star would you say?? 

Anyway, this chick is collecting dried buffalo poo patties to be used for fuel.   Poor thing.  How many of those suckers slid off the stack on her way to the homestead?? She probably had 18 kids running behind her to collect the casualties. Well, I'm not here to say that I pick up poo patties in my spare time, but I am here to say that these days I'm surrounded by poo and it STINKS!!

This is a field of corn in the early stages of growth, and no, that is not rich, dark soil between the rows, it's poo.  Across the road from our house cow manure has been spread on the fields to 
1. help fertilize the crops and 
2. keep the topsoil from blowing away.  
The wind blows like C-A-RAZY here.  No, I mean crazy, and it blows all day long for multiple days.  It shreds the flowers in the pots on my deck, shrivels up the veggies in my garden and blows the fine sandy silt through the cracks of the windows and doors. I get to dust 17 times a week, I mean my children dust (it's a punishment for fighting. Clever, eh??).

This whole method of poo application is fine and dandy, unless you live on the wrong side of the tracks.  Ya'll know the wind blows out of the south in the summer and guess where we live? Yep! On the north side of the pooh.  I'm thinking about setting up camp about a mile or so south of us, where the breeze is still fresh.  I'm pretty sure I can keep an eye on the tribe from there with some high powered binoculars.

Just to the left of the photo you can see a road that runs north/south.  I like to jog there, but it seems that these days, no matter which direction I run, I need a clothespin for my nose.  I asked my husband when I might be able to open the windows again and find fresh air.  This is what he said:
"Well, hon, don't worry, the stink will pass.  What we really need is a good rain - although that will make it smell worse for a little while (my eyes are crossed in disbelief here, can it get worse??)." No, big boy, what we really need is a two week vacation in the Alps so I can breathe!!!!
Every day I've been begging for a rain.  And, the skies play tricks on my heart filled with expectation by throwing up these monster teaser clouds.  Then, unexpectedly, last night our son's baseball game was cancelled due to a HUGE storm that came through, a storm that brought RAIN!!!!

You know what that means.  It's going to be stinky BAD today....but maybe tomorrow I'll be able to open the windows.  So, there you go.  You probably know more about poo now than you ever wanted to but, you're wiser in the ways of the farm. A fresher story next week, I promise! 

Happy Friday!!! Over and Out.

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