Friday, June 26, 2015

Carb Lovers Rejoice! Wheat Harvest is Now In Session!

Fifteen years ago my handsome hubby and I were stretched out on the beach, drinks in hand, toes in the sand, ocean views stretched out before us, the warm sun and beachy breeze keeping all the romantic vibes alive...

Just kidding.  We were in a wheat field.

The only waves around us were amber waves of grain. Please, try to control your jealousy.
Sometimes honeymoons come right after the wedding, and sometimes they come after wheat harvest. Crazy as it sounds, that's our story!  Two days after walking down the isle, I found myself sitting in a big blue Ford tractor tugging a grain cart around the dusty field where my brand new shiny happy husband was cutting wheat.  

I may have traded my white dress in for work boots and blue jeans (however, my French manicured nails still looked totally fabulous….and that’s the last time they were polished), but I was happy! When farming is your livelihood, harvest doesn't wait for honeymoons, honeymoons wait for harvest.
{That's the toughest guy I know, right up there. 
Screw Lyme disease. We're gonna cut some wheat!}

Our farming ventures have led us down many different path since then, and it’s been several years since we’ve actually had a wheat crop to cut.  Now that our older boys have outgrown the toy tractors and are ready for bigger and better things, life on the farm is really getting fun. I was super excited this summer when Steve told me we (we!) had bought a combine and would be harvesting wheat this year, for the first time in ages.
{Thank goodness for big brothers who can help little brothers up the ladder.}
{I think Chuckeroo may have been a liiiitle bit nervous sitting up that high.}

The boys spent a week prior to harvest helping Steve make sure the combine was in tip-top shape. Although it was new to us, the old girl (as Steve affectionately calls had seen some miles and had plenty of wear and tear.  You know, buying things brand new can be more convenient, more comfortable, but in our case, bargain hunting has it's benefits.  Fixer-uppers give the boys plenty of opportunities to work beside their father, to learn how to solve problems, and to be attentive to details. 

I love that they are learning some serious mechanic skills from their father.  I'm tellin' ya, they are gonna make some sweet little lady with a long "honey-do" list very happy some day!

Henry and George were at Totus Tuus all week, so they didn't have a chance to ride the combine with daddy, but the little ones were more than happy to tag along with me to deliver meals to the field.
Andrew kindly sat in the car with Joseph so I could take a spin with dad and Charlie around the field. Joseph was soooo charged when he saw the combine rolling along.  100% testosterone that boy!!
While most of this part of the state is finishing up with harvest, much of the Midwest will still be out in the field working long hours in the days to come. So, carb lovers, if you happen to be cruising along the rural roadways of America this weekend, enjoying the fruits of a farmer’s labor, be sure to wave your bagel and holler thank you. They love what they do and do it well so that you can have what you love!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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