Friday, June 5, 2015

You Had Me At Margarita ~ Creamy Coconut and Cool Mint Margarita {Recipe}

Normally I like to begin my Friday posts with something like "Happy Friday!" or "Hellooooo Friday!" (insert unlimited enthusiasm and favorite uncoordinated cheerleader jump), because I want to ring in the weekend with you guys! But, celebrations are gonna be on pause for a little while...

Por Que?

Because, while the rest of the world is planning their summer vacations and neighborhood BBQ's, farmers are spending these warm months doing that little thing called feeding the world. I'm married to one of those farmer guys, and farmers don't get weekends off during the summer. Which means farm mamas don't get weekends off.  Which means, please pass the booze.

I'm up to my armpits in grass-stained baseball uniforms and greasy jeans, but my hands are still free, so thus, I blog. Although there's half a dozen more meaningful things I could write about, I'm just gonna go ahead and do the right thing here, and make sure you all go into the weekend well-prepared for whatever may come your way, such as toddlers plugging up the toilet with Hot Wheels during your first attempt at showering for the week (I love sharing personal experiences).

And, by prepared, I mean stocking up on the ingredients for this amazing cocktail, because friends, we owe it to ourselves (and our families)!
When I came across the original recipe for this margarita, I wanted to make it for a special occasion, so I whipped up a batch for Mother's Day brunch last month. With the first sip, I knew that not only was this recipe was a keeper, but that it had earned a spot on my list of favorites.

The recipe is currently my screen saver. So handy.

Call me me picky or prideful or whatever, but because cocktails are kind of like shoes and music - everybody has different tastes - I had to tweak the original recipe just a tad to fit my own (no offense original recipe prize-winning person.)  Those few simple changes have been taste-tested and mother approved, so I hope you guys like it!

Let me know what you think!

I'm off to the land of tractors and amber waves of grain.  Have a great weekend!

{Serves 3 - 4}

The original recipe for this cocktail called for Patron Tequila, but hello, if you're buying diapers, you're probably not drinking $Patron$.  There are plenty of good tequilas out there that are great for mixing and won't send your budget off the cliff.  I like this one and this one, too.

1 Box Outshine Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars
2/3 cup of blue agave tequila (or a splash more)
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
4 - 5 mint leaves (optional, see notes below)
4 tablespoons simple syrup (more or less depending on taste)

Muddle together for 1-2 minutes:
1 tablespoon finely shredded unsweetened coconut (like this brand)
2 mint leaves (remove any large pieces before rimming the glasses)
Then add:
2 tablespoons sugar
Dash or two of salt 

Using a wedge of lime, wet the rim of each glass then dip the glass into the coconut sugar mixture.  I like to put my glasses in the freezer while I make the cocktail.  Place tequila, lime and mint leaves in the blender and pulse until mint leaves are finely chopped.  Scrape coconut bars off of the sticks into the tequila mixture along with a cup of ice and blend well.  Pour the coconut mint margarita into the glasses and garnish with a mint sprig or traditional lime wedge.

*If you prefer a more smooth margarita, but still want the mint infused flavor, you might try making a mint infused simple syrup instead of adding the mint directly to the tequila mixture. I like the little specks of mint in the margarita, but my hubby isn't such a fan.  I think the mint simple syrup is a nice compromise!


My favorite summer time sip from last year?? It's all right here!

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