Thursday, June 26, 2014

Theme Thursday: Swim! - King of the Cannonball and Other Impressive Moves

Hellloooooo there!!

After being completely off the grid for a week, I am happy to be back (sort of) in the sphere of blogging. I've missed you guys!! {*hugs*} Today, the blogging stars must have magically aligned just for me, because I actually experienced one solid hour of feeling caffeinated + oldest son proving he's the best baby holder ever + rest of the crew enjoying rainbows, sunshine and unicorns in the basement (or whatever kept them entertained - some things are better left a mystery).

Perhaps a more prudent way to spend the star-aligned hour would have been to soak-n-scrub a pile of spit-up stained laundry or unpack my bags from the hospital, but I confess to procrastination all for the sake of participating in my first ever Theme Thursday link-up at the ever-popular Clan Donaldson.

Today's theme: Swim

{I really can't wait to share Joseph's birth story with you, but I think I'm going to need a little quality quiet time to unfold all the details. Honestly, we thought Charlie's birth story was tops, but nope, this one tops them all.  Need a teaser? Think swimming lessons, wheat harvest, a plethora of newborn puppies and a baby all wrapped up in one happy little day. I promise to tell the tale soon!}

Now on to the swimming!  George and Henry are both taking swimming lessons this summer. George is in a technique class and Henry in a beginner class.  George would love to join the community swim team, but first needs some coaching to refine his flailing into actual strokes.

Mystery Stroke....classic George!
Cannonball....A Husband specialty!!
Of all the boys, Henry has been the most timid when it comes to being in or near the water.  We tried lessons last summer, but he was miserable, so instead of forcing him to learn, I decided to just relax and wait until he was ready to go for it.
This summer, he has completely turned a corner.  With every lesson he's become more confident in the water, and all of his apprehension has quickly turned into joyful enthusiasm. I am so thankful, because it's always been really important to me that the boys to learn how to swim well, and to have fun along the way.
Our family loves to go tubing and water skiing, and knowing that all of the boys can swim well gives me peace of mind and peace of heart whenever we are involved in any water recreation sport, which may include survival games like dunking, chicken and Marco Polo. We are a family of boys, so this is how we roll. Polite hotel swimmers, girls doing graceful handstands, *ahem* my apologies in advance.

On the final day of the first session of lessons, each student had their chance to jump off of the diving board.  Henry was last.
He proudly stepped up on the board, shuffled to the end, and with hands on hips, shouted out to the teacher, "Are you ready??" Then, he proceeded to jump up and out with all his might shouting, "Aaaggghhh!!!" at the top of his lungs.
I'm not sure if it was his plan or not, but he succeeded in dunking his sweet, patient teacher who was waiting all along to catch him.  They both popped up out of the water laughing, Henry's arms wrapped tightly around her neck.  "That was awesome, Henry!" she said.
Without a doubt, he knew she was right!


  1. Well, first of all congratulations on a your new son! I am hoping my oldest will be able and willing to hold ours later this year. Last time he would only last about a minute. Your boys look like good swimmers! We hope to join a team next summer.

  2. I should get on board with this linkup one of these days. My kids love to swim, but all have been ready for learning at different ages and stages. Looks like a lot of fun, though!

  3. I LOVE that picture of Henry jumping off the diving board! That's priceless.

  4. Wait... how didi I miss it? You had the baby?? Details, please! Name.. Date.. Weight


  5. What great pictures! And congrats on the new baby!! So exciting!

  6. Sounds like a birth story I'd like to read. Congratulations! Love Henry as Superman mid jump!

  7. I love those last pictures!!
    Our boys were the same - we had to wait until they were really ready to learn - swim lessons were done and they tolerated the bobs and other stuff. The summer we went to Hawaii for the first time they were 4 & 6 - before we went, I told them they couldn't try surfing if they couldn't swim. They took all that they had learned in lessons and taught themselves the rest!!!
    I can't wait to hear all about your birth story!! And congratulations - I know that you have added another sweet young man to your already incredible family!!!

  8. Great pics! My 3 year old son begged to go to swim school this summer (not entirely sure where that came from), so we have a trial lesson next week. It should be interesting though because he thinks the goal of the class is for him to teach them all of his tricks. I suggested that they might teach him some of their tricks, but I learned that he already knows all the tricks. :) P.S. We do a lot of waterskiing too. P.P.S. Looking forward to your birth story! Congrats on your newest boy!!

  9. Congratulations on your new arrival! I'm looking forward to the story. And man, those pictures of the water are such a tease!


  10. so sweet! I, too, am looking forward to the birth story and pictures of your newest little man. -lily


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