Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 {Favorite} Lady Like Lovelies

Happy Wednesday, Friends!! Last night around midnight, when I should have been resting up for this labor and delivery that really is going to happen at any moment (fingers crossed) I was blogging instead, because the book I had spent an hour reading, hoping it would make me sleepy, actually just made me think and think and think.

Anyway, while mulling over hot blogging topics, I remembered that today is 5 Favorites over at Moxie wife, so I decided to whip up a little list for those of you who dig the 5 Fave.  Even though my swollen, Oompa-Loompa figure isn't exactly the epitome of summer sassy, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite lady-like lovelies that keep me from feeling 41+ weeks frumpy.

- 1 -
Sometime during my college years I developed an acute sensitivity to fragrances, and exposure to them typically leads to a full on migraine headache. Even though I love how lovely the perfect fragrance can make you feel, I'm really limited to the lotions and perfumes that I can wear.  A couple of days ago I decided to venture outside of my standard scent and try something new. Running through Target, I stopped at a Sonia Kashuk fragrance display and was pleasantly surprised that none of the lotions or fragrances triggered a headache at all! The pink innocencia is my favorite - light, fresh, floral and super-feminine. 

- 2 - 
I don't know what it is about a pair of earrings that just makes me feel a little more polished, no matter what I'm wearing.  I'm a sucker for Stella & Dot jewelry, and the Isla Drop Earrings are perfect for summer.  

- 3 -
This is the perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss. It's the one lip-product I reach for every day, and while I have really enjoyed wearing a wide variety of colors, peach parfait is my favorite. At around $6 a tube, it's a bargain beauty!

- 4 -  
Chalk it up to hormones or aging or both, but the past two pregnancies for me have not been glowing ones.  At the moment of conception, my face freaks out. All of the wicked dry patches and dark spots make my usual make-up less routine a little less comfortable.  Since my standard exfoliation product started feeling a little irritating, a few months ago, I decided to give the full strength Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel a try, and I must say that I'm hooked.  If you're not a fan of grainy, abrasive exfoliates, give this a try.  It's a little pricey, but lasts a long time.  I use it twice a week and after 6 months, the jar isn't empty yet! (FYI: I purchased mine at Ulta with a coupon.)

- 5 -  
Dusting your feet with powder, especially in the summer, before slipping your shoes on is one tip I learned from my mom that I've been using since high school.  I like to sprinkle it inside of all of my shoes to keep them fresh, and applying a little before slipping my sandals on keeps the funky feet smell at bay.  The dusting powder from Burts Bees has a light, fresh scent and its super-fine form is easy to apply.

Do you have any favorite products to add to my list of lovelies?? 
Please, do tell!

More goodies right here!


  1. I feel for you - my son was 13 days late in the middle of a blazing hot summer. I sincerely thought that I would be pregnant forever...God bless you in the waiting!

  2. Yes, prayers for your waiting. Those earrings are so pretty.

    Items to add to the list - Dr. Teal's lavender bath and lavender epsom salt soak. A bath always makes me feel so good. A pretty blush, Bobbi Brown makes a couple that I really like. And mascara, always mascara.

    1. I have a friend who is obsessed with BB make-up. I might have to treat myself to some of the products after baby!

  3. Hi Susan!
    Congrats on your baby-about-to-be-born-any-day! That's so exciting!

    The lotion looks great. I'm gonna have to check it out.And definitely the lip butter! It sounds perfect:) Thank you for linking up!:)

  4. Prayers for your delivery! So exciting! Love the lip gloss/lipstick. I'm usually a burts bees chapstick kind of girl, but I do like to put on some color when out and about :) You may have mentioned this in a previous post, but what book are you reading that made you think, think, and think? :)

    1. I love historical non-fiction, and right now I'm reading "When Hell Was in Session" by Admiral Jeremiah Denton. My dad is a Vietnam vet, so this story hits close to home!

  5. Does the Juicy peel smell like apple? 'Cause you just might have me sold.


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