Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Recap 2014

As the boys get older, and their bonds with Steve grow ever closer, I find myself enjoying the celebration of Father's Day more and more.  This year, I was certain that baby would have arrived by now and therefore my plans to have a big BBQ, homemade ice-cream and an outdoor theatre created for movie night would have been a smashing success.

But, you know. You know, you know, you know that my big plans never bloomed out of the planning stage because baby aint' here yet!

But, I did manage to shuffle around the kitchen and whip up a little sumpin' special for breakfast, and, thankfully, the boys poured their ever-lovin' little hearts into creating special messages for their papa, fill-in-the-blank style.  I must say I was really impressed with their dish-washing efficiency as well as their surprisingly successful attempt to keep the crazy under control long enough for dad to get in a deep drooling nap, because it's not a real nap unless you drool.

I appreciate, admire and adore Steve for more reasons than I could ever count. One of those you're-the-best-husband-ever reasons is that he fields all of the manly questions that I could never handle without Google and Tylenol. Questions like: Is a 243 bigger than a 7mm? (We're talking guns, not camera lenses here, in case you were wondering.) Or, Does Fendt make a 939 model? (Fendt = Tractors)

They also like to impress him with questions that are meant to be conversation starters, questions that they know Steve will respond enthusiastically to such as, Did you know that LeBron James never played college ball? He went straight out of high school to the pros!

He also handles all requests for paintball wars, hunting trips, playing golf and building large contraptions that require accurate measurements and the proper use of loud and dangerous power tools. All of these "tough" questions make inquiries such as "what's for supper" and "have you seen my slingshot, because I need to kill the rabbit eating the lettuce in your garden?" a a cake walk in the mental park for me!

After the last cinnamon roll was scraped from the pan, it was time for the boys to give daddy their little notes. What I thought was going to be kind of a generic form of expression (fill-in-the-blanks on plain white paper isn't really the poetic expression sprinkled with rainbow glitter that I had in mind) actually ended up being quite humorous and beautifully endearing at the same time.
Each boy wanted to be close to their dad while he read their notes, and they insisted that he read them aloud. Steve was really touched by how much the boys knew about him, and as they affectionately awaited his reaction to their gifts, I could see the depths of their need for him to understand just how much they love him, and to know how his example and presence in their lives is of inexpressible value and worth.
 {Henry} My dad is funny because: He teases me.  My Dad thinks I'm funny when: I tease him!
 {George} My favorite thing about my Dad is: He makes life fun.
{Andrew} My favorite thing about my dad is: He is always ready to have fun and he is dedicated to us.
 {Benedict} My favorite thing about my Dad is: He is always there for me through thick and thin.
{Charlie} I just like it when we match.

Here's to all the great dads out there!!


  1. The fill-in-the-blank is a great idea! I hope to remember that for next year.

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  3. Oh, what a great idea!! Chris would melt if the boys did this - maybe for his birthday in a couple of months!!!
    Still no baby?!


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