Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hoop Season Summary - George & Ben's Winning Finish

Yesterday was the official conclusion of basketball season for George and Ben.  Of course the boys could play year round if we would let them, but we prefer to act like mean parents and force our kids do things like have free time, play outside in nature, and *gasp* contribute to family life by doing chores and entertaining each other while Steve and I sit by the fire with a glass of wine and pretend we're alone.

I admit, though, I'm always a bit sad whenever a sports season comes to an end.  I don't miss the hauls back and forth to practices, but I do miss watching the boys making memories out on the court.  I'm so thankful that they inherited their father's hoop skills.  My early days of basketball consisted of running out of the locker room with my shorts on backwards and dribbling feverishly down the court for the game winning lay-up....at the wrong basket.  A couple of intensive camps and countless hours outside at the bucket every summer helped polish up my less-than-lustrous skills, but I never became anything more than an average player.

My man? Oh, that Athlete of the Year award that's polished on the wall? Yeah, that be his.
Benedict and George both had winning seasons this year, and both had a GREAT time from season start to finish.  
Ben's style out on the court reflects his personality.  He's our quiet, contemplative one. On the court he plays much the same.  He's consistent, steady, even-tempered, and is very conservative offensively, always looking for the assist over a personal scoring opportunity, much like his dad was, completely opposite of his other parent.
Watching him play, makes me smile.  As parents we desire for our kids to thrive, to experience joy and fulfillment in whatever activity they choose.  When this happens, it's truly fulfilling for both of us, no matter what the outcome. We always encourage all of the boys to play hard, have fun and to remember it's not about impressing anyone, but giving your best to your team and your coach.  They truly take our words to heart.
Ben's school team hosted a season finale tournament and earned the championship trophy at the final showdown yesterday.  St. Joseph's is a small school, but sometimes I think small-town kids play with the biggest hearts.  It showed out there on the court yesterday!
For George, this season was his first time EVER playing the game.  Wrestling has been his winter sport of choice for the past three years, but this year, he came to us and said, "What if I'm good at basketball and I don't know it because I always wrestle?"

So, without any knowledge of the game, let alone having even dribbled a ball, he jumped right in with a bunch of boys whose skills far surpassed his and fearlessly played right along with them.
Steve and I were so surprised at how quickly he picked up the game, but we were even more surprised at how he put in 110% at every single game, despite his coach nearly losing his voice from yelling at George for most of the season, trying to get him in the right place on offense and out of bounds plays.  He took every single correction like a champ (while his mother wore down her cat claws on the bench).  The best players aren't always the ones with the most talent, but those who are coachable and have a desire to work hard. He's got that....and I'm thankful for it.
By the end of the season, he had become quite a little determined defensive player.  I asked him if he wants to go back to wrestling, and he replied with certitude, "Nope! Basketball is my sport now!" Okay, then! 
His team earned first in the league and second and the season tournament finale.
George's journal entry for today was about basketball.  Here's what he wrote:
I love playing defense at basketball.  My friends pass the ball to me, but I am always covered by three guys and am forced to pass it.  Once I get the ball, I keep trying, but I have to pass.  I can shoot free throws, and I also really like to support my team.  But, most of all, I like to box out strong like Will Spradling for K-State.

How do the younger brothers feel about a future in basketball??
Charlie dreams of being the next Marcus Foster.  
Hanging out with the 11th percentile gang on the growth chart probably won't garruntee him a post position, but little guys have to dream big, right?
Henry (left) and his buddy Lane debating over who will be first to dunk it.  
It's gonna be a close one!


  1. Fun - love how your boys give 100% no matter what they are doing. And, you are such a great sports mom!!
    I bet your boys were super excited about last night's basketball game - kind of a big win for K-State!!

    1. We were ALL so excited...but I have to admit, the overtime stressed me out so much, I literally couldn't watch it! I think that's a sign that maybe we get a little too into sports around here! (At least I do!)


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