Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Update on My Mom & a Little 23 Week "What I Wore Sunday" Ensemble

Happy Sunday, Friends!! As I sit and quickly type this, my dad and I are laughing at the boys who are running around the backyard in t-shirts, shorts and BARE FEET! Even though it is 57 degrees outside, I can't decide if my kids are truly pining for spring or if we're all a little hillbilly at heart (probably both)!
{If it gets above 45, it might as well be summer for Henry!}
Having my parents here for a visit this weekend has been so much fun.  We usually spend our time telling stories, drinking wine and eating way too much, laughing hysterically over all the funny interactions between the boys (the things that usually drive me crazy, but make my dad chuckle so much I can't help but join him), and cheering them on in their sporting events. 

No matter what we do, though, one thing is certain and that is that our family cherishes the presence of grandparents in our lives.  So many of you have been incredibly kind to ask about how my mom is doing, and I can honestly say that she is doing fantastic!
The most difficult time of her cancer diagnosis was the period of waiting on test results and the doctors' decision as to what her treatment would be.  There was concern that she would have to endure chemo on top of radiation, and that a mastectomy would also be a part of her treatment. It was during that time of uncertainty that your prayers truly annointed her in hope-filled graces. They brought her peace, strength and a deeper faith and confidence in the Lord's plan for her life. 

Ultimately, I believe that your prayers truly were answered when the doctors reviewed her panel of tests and concluded that no chemo or surgery were necessary and that radiation and oral chemo (taken for 5 years) would be the promising protocol that would help her body heal.

She just recently finished radiation treatments and will remain on the chemo medication for the next few years.  Besides feeling tired and a little sore, the side effects so far have been very manageable. (Praise the Lord!) She looks wonderful, doesn't she?? 

I am so proud of how positive she has been throughout this entire journey.  Her unwavering confidence in God and quite endurance of the most difficult moments has been a great witness to me and to our entire family. 

Thank you, thank you for reaching out with your prayers, kind words of supports, cards sent in the mail and phone calls that you have offered in loving concern.  We are all more grateful than you'll ever know!

My ensemble for this Sunday....the wardrobe is getting bit more snug as Wednesday I'll be 24 weeks! I'm dreaming again of kissing tiny toes and a button nose!
 | Cardigan: Hartley's Boutique | Tank: Target | Trousers: Gap, Circa 2003 |
| Shoes: (Leopard Mary Janes) Payless | Necklace: Gift From My Mama |


  1. Your mom (and, of course, you!) looks amazing!!! I'm so glad that she is doing so well and that the side effects aren't unbearable!
    Love the necklace! Glad that your parents were able to spend the weekend with y'all!!

  2. So glad to hear that your mom is doing well! You both are beautiful!! AHH won't be much longer before that little one is here! :)

  3. So cute. Love the stripes. Your mom is beautiful and praise God for health!

  4. Beautiful!
    Also, so heartwarming to hear about your mom. Always praying!

  5. If we ever see 57 degrees again, I'll be outside barefoot and filthy, too. :)
    The photo of you and your mom is gorgeous. I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well. Cancer treatments have come a long way.

  6. Your mom is absolutely beautiful! And I love your outfit - so stylish!

  7. So glad to hear your mother is doing well! Wonderful picture-- you definitely look like mother and daughter.

  8. Your mother is lovely and so are you. I LOVE that striped sweater so much. The necklace pops- love it!


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