Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blogger Tag Game - Apparently I'm "It"


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Angie from Hays House.....Misadventures in Parenting was playing cyber tag last week, and she decided to drag a few fellow bloggers into the game with her.  I say drag, because while I LOVE writing about my kids and food and faith and wine and running, writing about myself isn't so comfy.  But, because I think she's super-cool, and because I know you will feel the same way after you visit her, I'm going to accept her invitation to join the game!  So whether you want to know all of this stuff or not, I'm dishing it out to ya anyway (with love, of course)! Here goes!...

1. Where you born? I was born in the small but mighty town of Belleville, Kansas America.  Proudly known as the home to the Midget Nationals, hosted on the fastest 1/2 mile dirt race track in the world. You might need to know that if you're on Jeopardy some day.

2. Were you named after someone? Can't say that I am. But, I was destined to have an "S" name since I followed my brother, Steve, and my sister, Sara.  Now that I really think about it I could have ben a Sasha or Savannah or Sabrina or Selena....

3. If you have children, how many do you have? Steve and I have 5 boys.  I mean 5 BOYS!!!  Benedict, Andrew, George, Henry and Charles.  They all have 2 middle names. We did that so that when we are mad at them, we can yell 3 names instead of the usual 2, and they know we mean business.  "GEORGE PATRICK THOMAS!! Why is there another dead rabbit on the porch??" (Explanation here.)

4. How many pets do I have? We have two beautiful Golden Retrievers named Stella and Rose.  We have also raised bucket calves for 4-H and hatched a few chicks for a school project, but they mysteriously "disappeared."  Stella and Rose are my girls.  I need them in order to survive living out in the middle of nowhere with 6 males who have been known to make farting a competitive event.

5. What was your worst injury? Having my heart broken in 2nd grade by the boy of my dreams?? Just kidding!! In high-school I tore ligaments in both of my ankles playing volleyball.  But, I'm thankful, because the injuries motivated me to work on strengthening my ankles for basketball, so I started running - and I still enjoy it so much today!

6. Do I have a special talent? I'm pretty good at ignoring whining, drama and tantrums, and I can hang a spoon from my nose, which will come in handy some day.  I'm also pretty decent in the kitchen - I can bake a mean pie, and my husband thinks my pot roast puts Pioneer Woman's to shame (but those are his words, not mine, I'm just quoting here).
7. What's your favorite thing to bake? Pies, I love to bake pies.  One time when I was in college I baked 6 pies and took them up to a nearby Monastery to share with the monks.  I never saw a group of men eat so fast in my life!  Bread would have to be #2.  Is there anything better than a thick slice of fresh baked bread slathered in butter??

8. What's your favorite fastfood? Ooooo, give me some Chick-Fil-A, please!  We used to live close to one before moving to the farm.  I really miss it!  Have you ever seen Tim Hawkin's sing about Chick-Fil-A?? H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!! 

9. Would I bungee jump? NEVER!!! Unless of course I had to do it to, a. save a life or b. win a million dollars for a charity or c. well, there is no c. You may safely assume that my answer is a big fat, "NOPE!"

10. What is the first thing you notice about people? I'm borrowing Angie's answer on this one: Their eyes. Do they have kind eyes or cray cray eyes? Eyes truly tell it all.

11. When was the last time I cried? I cried last week when I was putting up some curtains and the rod slipped out of my hand and clocked me in the forehead.  That was kind of random, though.  I am a bit of a tender heart - beauty really makes me cry - sunsets, kindness, babies, sacrifice, romance....pass the tissues, please. 

12. Any current worries? Oh, honey.  You really don't want to open that bag of worms.  I'm just going to keep all those between me and Jesus and our bottle of wine.

13. Name three drinks you drink regularly. Coffee.  Every day.  Must-have-coffee!!  During the day I'm pretty much a water gal.  And, on the weekends I like to partake in a little activity called "Cook & Cocktails."  I take my time whipping up something yummy while enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail.  Gin and tonics are my fave, but I'll only drink Hendricks.  Hendricks rules.

14. What is your favorite book? Oooooo, that's a toughy.  I love to read, so choosing one is difficult.  I love classic literature - some of my tops are A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, Les Mis, To Kill a Mockingbird, All Quiet on the Western hubby and I also have a great library of theological and philosophical works that we enjoy.

15. Would you like to be a pirate? Blimey.  Who wrote this question?? 

16. What are your favorite smells? Freshly washed sheets drying on the clothesline in the summer, old gymnasiums, bread baking in the oven, my baby after a bath, the outdoors after a much needed rain...

17. Why do you blog? Blogging is my cyber scrap-book, it's my collection of memories of the boys and Steve.  I blog to remind myself that I have other gifts besides folding laundry and scraping play-dough off of the floor, and that someday I will share those gifts with others when the time is right.  Blogging is a gift to my family - there's something wonderful about seeing the boys scroll through past posts and remember happy memories and funny stories.  It's a joy to have that, especially during difficult times when it seems as though nothing in life is right, and yet so much really is....praise God.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral? Wow, well let's just go right ahead and dive into the deep why don't we! Actually, I'm a little nervous about the fact that I have a quick answer for this one. I have to say our family song, which we often sing together at the end of family prayer.  It's called " O God Beyond All Praising."  It's beautiful.  I cannot listen to it without crying.

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator.

20. What is your favorite hobby? I really love gardening and landscaping.  If I could go back to college I would study horticulture.  This spring I'm going to make a first attempt at starting all of my veggies from seed.  The heirloom varieties are  particularly interesting!

21. What do you look for in a friend? The older I get the more I believe in the truth that your acquaintances should be many and your friends few.  I have a hard time trusting people, so sincerity, honesty and integrity rank high in my books.  

22. Name something you have done you never thought you would do.  Marry a farmer, drive a tractor and give birth to 5 boys.  That's actually 3 things, but they all just kind of mesh together in my mind.

23. What are your favorite things to do? Spending time with family is definitely tops.  Uninterrupted quality time where we are doing something fun together, laughing, and really appreciating one another is precious time.  I also love to run, read, watch movies with my hubby, garden and make useful things out of junk or thrift shop finds.

24. Any pet peeves? I really struggle with immodest dress among young women and men.  It's very sad to see them treat themselves and others with such little respect.

25. What's the last thing that made you laugh? Everyday our son, Henry, says or does something so funny that we all laugh uncontrollably. For example, he loves to be mommy's little helper.  Often times after we run errands, I ask him to help me put away the groceries or other items.  I really have to watch him on this because we have found lunch meat in the laundry basket and Wranglers in the refrigerator!

Okay, game over!! Whew!! Are you still here?? If so, part of the game is that I have to now tag in 10 other bloggers.  So, let's see if they will accept the challenge!  Here's my list of picks:


  1. Love your list and that video is one of our favorites! Thanks also for the tag... because you knew that I was just longing for a reason to put off the laundry today, right? :)

  2. Loved reading these! I love what a genuine person you are! And NO to #7! There is nothing better than fresh baked bread and homemade butter. My mother in law makes it in a jar with my kiddos. They shake and shake that cream until it turns to butter. Like magic every time. And #8 was a hoot! Thanks for being such a great sport and playing along!

  3. Love this list Susan!! We love Chick-fil-a too! And wine is on my list as well!

    Thanks for the tag . . . will write it up and post it next week!

  4. Love your blog! Hope you are doing ok with the horrible storm that is barreling down on us in the midwest (we are northern MO).

    Love your books you picked I also love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

    New blog follower :)

    Love this little Tag your it, maybe one day I will be tagged I've never done one of these

  5. Susan
    Love your blog and I'm now following...I "found" you when you left a com on my Lent post through the Cath Bloggers Netwk hop...thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Looking fwd to staying in touch thru the blogosphere... Your blog is lovely and I;m rally happy I'll be able to stay on top of your posts. Must come back and click thru to the Resources for Boys pin on sidebar....looks great.

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