Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes: 7 Sweet Sayings From Yesterday

While in many ways yesterday was just an ordinary day in our home - school, sports practices, orchestra, chores etc., etc., we did make time to squeeze in a few Valentines Day activities.  This included baking, reading a story about St. Valentine, making cards and Henry asking me all day, "Did you get me a Balentine?? Followed by, "It's okay if you didn't get me one Mom, I'll just take a toy, like some Hot Wheels or sumpin' like that, kay?...kay, Mom??.....Mom, Mom, Mom......{sigh}"
One of my favorite school projects we worked on was inspired by a creative idea that I found on Calicos and Cupcakes.  There, I found a simple fill in the blank poem about love.  Since we homeschool, the writing project was easily incorporated into our lessons as we reviewed the five senses, and also similes and metaphors. At first I thought that I might need to guide them a little bit through the activity, but to my surprise, they whisked the papers out of my hands and dove right in.
I highly recommend sharing this idea with your kids - their answers will either leave you in stitches or in tears.  I experienced both - and today I'm sharing my favorites.  Each poem contained five lines beginning with a phrase that they had to finish:
Love looks like:
Love smells like:
Love tastes like:
Love feels like:
Love sounds like:

These are my 7 favorite responses:

1.  Love looks like:  My brother Henry when he is giving (George). When does he do this? I mean, absolutely!

2.  Love looks like: Rain on a dry day. (Andrew) That's a farm boy!

3.  Love smells like: Bacon. (Henry)  And, that is why I love you, my child!

4.  Love tastes like: Warm hot chocolate on a cold day. (Ben and Andrew)

5.  Love feels like: A hug when you want one. (Andrew) Unlimited supply, right here, baby!

6.  Love sounds like: A symphony. (Ben) You and I, we bond over a little Beethoven!

7. Love sounds like: My Mom. (George)  Melt. My. Heart.


  1. Such sweet boys. At least one of my boys probably would have put bacon for all of them.


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