Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wake Up & Smell the Wine ~ It's Time to Shop Online!

If you already have all of your Christmas shopping done and every gift is wrapped and labeled and stacked under your sparkling tree, then you should probably stop reading this and go find your tiara, because you are officially the Queen of Christmas! If, however, you are not finished, or in my case, you haven't even started, then read on!!...

Last year I wrote a post where I shared a few of my favorite gift ideas from Etsy as a way of promoting small business.  I still feel passionate about buying local, shopping in your main street stores, and even supporting independent online businesses instead of dropping all of your cash at the big box and chain stores, but I have to be honest, there is one other reason why I prefer to shop this way: it is soooooo much easier with kids.  Honestly, shopping on small town main street doesn't take a lot of time and planning.  The kids can hang out with the babysitter or grandparents while you shop. It's great for family efficiency and for the local economy!  Even more convenient is shopping online.  Jump into your jammies, pour yourself a beverage of choice (preferably made with grapes), turn on Pandora Christmas tunes, and it's a fingertip trip!

Now, I'm not totally down on shopping with kids....I'm just a little weary of doing it all of the time...

Because we homeschool, one or all of my kids are usually with me when I run errands.  As you might already guess, if I'd rather wear a hair shirt or become a Democrat for a day than shop with all five boys. I literally have to mentally prepare myself for the mission.  And, we NEVER go into a store without a family huddle first.  By huddle, I usually mean mommy grunts out some threats, bribes and exhibits an unmistakable "I mean business" face.  Then, once in the store, I put that cart in "R" for race.  Charlie is strapped in, snack in hand, and the other boys just have to keep up.  It's normal for me to turn around about 50 times to remind the boys through clenched teeth to "watch out, pay attention, stop running, and stay together."  

Sometimes, I get a little too focused on lipstick shades and stuffed olives and do not detect the boys playing catch with random items down the center isles - until the (un)friendly Target employee decides to whip out her wand of chastisement, then I'm on high alert. I also tend to sweat a lot when I take the tribe on a spending spree with me.  There's nothing like the feeling of arriving at check-out with your favorite sweater sticking to your back and your bangs plastered to your forehead.  No matter how in control you feel with kids in tow, you just don't look the part.  It's those moments when I say to myself, "Wake up and smell the wine, honey.  There has to be an easier way."  So, this Christmas, I'm giving myself permission to online shop a little more than last year.  Gas up your truck, Mr. UPS man, because you're going to be putting the country miles on that big bad sassy brown gift wagon!!  And, with all of the extra energy, patience and Christmas cheer I'm going to have, I might even bake you some cookies!

So, do you want to see what I've found so far??  Most of these goodies are from Etsy.  It's my favorite website! So many unique, funny and beautiful things, something for everyone, and a showcase of incredible love and talent just waiting to be found....and bought....and shared....and admired.  Let's get to it!!
When I saw this Personalized Bowling Set from Hill Country Woodcraft I went a little nuts.  Their Etsy page has a fantastic variety of quality handmade wood toys that are unbelievably cute.
I think that these Lap Desks from BaZing Designs may actually make doing homework more fun for my kids.  They can take the desk in the car, outside or under the table fort.  You can personalize them with pictures and names or buy one of their stock items.
Do you know what this Six Bottle Oak Wine Rack from WineSpirations is made from?? A repurposed wine barrel! I love it!!
These Little Birdie Nesting Bowls from Tasha McKelvey are custom made and have scored at spot on my refrigerator wish list (which I keep visible for my husband to help take the mystery and confusion out of shopping for me.)  She has many adorable in-stock items that will ship for Christmas.
If you know anyone who loves popcorn (I'm raising my hand), Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning from Deli Cove Spice Company is the perfect gift.  They have so many fantastically fun flavors such as beer and Key Lime Pie. They also sell cocktail rim sugars. Ooo, Yahh!!
I really love that scarves and neck warmers are still in this season.  This Hand Crocheted Neck Scarf from Second Life Creations is beautiful and would give any coat or outfit a lovely romantic look.
Even though I don't have any girls, I'm buying these Boot Toppers/Boot Cuffs from Dream Spun Kids.  They are just too adorable!! They come in so many different colors, and really snazz up a jeans and boots or a dress with boots outfit.
Handmade cases for electronics are so much more fun than the boring ones at Best Buy.  I love this I-Pad Case from Five Sprouts Stitching. Yellow is my favorite color, and the chevron print gives it a modern edge.They also have cases in a variety of prints and colors for many other electronic products.
A watch is a timeless gift to give a man, but a Leather Watch from Creative Urges is timeless and personal all in one.  Can you believe the band is handmade? I can see it on my man's wrist right now!
As long as I'm showcasing gifts for guys, I was so excited to find this Manly-Man Fragrance Soap Grenade.  A perfect little stocking stuffer for all my boys, who are so into army and hunting stuff.  
I know that there are so many different kinds/brands of jewelry out there, so jewelry is a popular gift.  But, I just couldn't pass up sharing this Family Tree Necklace from Soul Peaces. They have a number of beautiful pieces on their Etsy site that I admire for their unique simplicity.
My husband probably won't be too happy with me, but our Goldens, Stella and Rose, might be sporting these Personalized velvet dog collars from ShopMimiGreen this year!

That's all for now folks!! 
If you have an Etsy site, or if you have a product from an online independent retailer that you'd like to share with us, please leave a link in the comments!


  1. I LOVE Etsy! So many creative gifts available on there. Loving that wine rack, and the bowling set is so cute!

  2. I heart Etsy!! Glad I'm not alone!


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