Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: 7 Things I Miss About Football

The fall this year for our family really was all about football.  With three boys giving 110% to the sport they love and our Kansas State Wildcats delivering a phenomenal season, for three months, football was the highlight of our weekends.  I have to admit, that despite all of the running around to practices and games I'm a little sad it's all over.  
Here are 7 Things I miss about it:
1.  Being together as a family.  Game day always meant getting excited on the 45 minute drive to the game, going over plays, talking about past games, listening to crazy music and laughing together.  At the games the little ones ran around and played while Steve and I cheered from the sidelines.  Going out for pizza or hamburgers after the games to watch K-State play was the perfect way to top of the day, win or lose.
2.  Brightly Colored Socks.  About two games into the season, I finally decided that it was too difficult to try and find my sons on the field behind a camera lens.  I was thrilled when they agreed to wear bright socks to make it easier for me to see them.  It really helped - and, I think they secretly liked it!
3.  Focus.  Getting 4 boys to focus in our homeschool classroom is no small feat.  Seeing them focused on the football field reassured me that it can be done.  I just have to figure out a way to make Latin and poetry as fun as tackling and touchdowns. (Not gonna happen?? Oh, okay, thanks for crushing my dreams.)
4.  Brothers practicing out in the yard, and playing together at the games.  Though there are never a shortage of friends to play with at the games, I really love that the boys are always looking out for each other and wanting to be together.  They took every free moment between school lessons, chores and meals to run outside and practice their passes and plays.  If not for any other reason, I love football for the ways it brings my sons together.
5.  Action. Big tackles.  Mighty touchdowns.  I'm not going to lie.  I love it when the boys get in on big plays, and this year their stats were full.  I also cannot deny that I love hearing other parents cheer for my kids, or overhearing people on the sidelines say things like, "Whose kid is that? He's awesome!"  Cut me some slack here, people, I feed, clothe and educate these boys, so I think that basking in a little youth football glory isn't going to hurt anyone. {{Smiling}}
6.  Beautiful misty mornings of fall.  Despite one very cold, rainy, windy morning, every game day was sunny and beautiful, which made the games even more enjoyable, more fun, and ever more sweet for me, as each minute that I get to escape the confines of our beloved Girdie is a blessing.
7.  Getting out of the house and away from the laundry.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?? Seven Saturday mornings of no laundry, no picking up, sweeping crunchy floors, scrubbing the scary potty chamber, sucking up Legos with the vacuum and making messes in the kitchen to feed the army.  A little break from the testosterhome, makes this girl really, really happy.

After the holiday break, we'll be moving full speed ahead into basketball and wrestling season. Many highlights will be sure to come your way. I can't wait!!


  1. Fun! I have realized though, that I am no soccer, football mom. But, I think I am becoming a swim mom. The boys love swim and I love the time at the pool even in the winter.

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