Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Babies & Homeschooling ~ They Go With the Flow

From the moment the boys wake up in the morning, our household is moving full speed ahead. Since we homeschool, people often ask me what the little ones do while I'm teaching the older ones.  My answer is always the same: They just go with the flow!

There is a rhythm to our school days, and though things don't always run perfectly smooth (frankly, some days go right up in flames before breakfast is over), I'm amazed at how the boys roll with the interruptions and are flexible with last-minute changes to schedules and lessons. Charlie gets right in there with us, moving from crayons to toys to books, stopping occasionally at my feet, waiting to be scooped up to see what's happening up high.

One day, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics of him 
"doing school" with us:
Here's my baby coloring at the little table.  This requires a bit of micromanagement from all of us, because he likes to bite the tips off of the crayons, and everyone knows that the sharp-tipped crayons are the best, and must be rescued from sneaky slobbery chompers.
The boys are always happy to pause from their work and make sure that Charlie receives a little love and attention....which can often turn into smothering, whereby mommy must break up the lovin' and get everyone back on task.
Since the laundry room is right by the classroom, I'm usually able to squeeze in a few loads between lessons.  The sound of Charlie's pitter-patter feet is never far behind, as he loves to "help" mommy with this chore by dragging pieces of dirty laundry around the house and climbing in and out of the baskets. {Sigh}
Recess time! Even mommy loves recess - it's such a sanity saver! On this particular day, my heart was warmed to see Charlie's older brother, Ben, pulling him around the yard on the tractor, since his little feet don't quite reach the pedals.  Ben didn't mind a bit.  He loved to see Charlie having so much fun!
Okay, clearly this does not look like school, but it is.  Ben and Andrew's Latin lessons are on video, and they watch one once a week, and Charlie will actually sit through the entire lecture.  Et tu, Charlie?? Okay, Baby Einstein, let's just hope you're absorbing it all!
Often times during the day, we will find Charlie somewhere in the house with a pile of books he has managed to maneuver to his reading spot of choice, sitting contently, thumbing through the picture-filled pages.  I love to pause from the task at hand and just watch his sweet expressions as he reads, his chubby fingers turn the pages, his rosy cheeks stretch with a smile and his little feet kick when he gets excited after finding his favorite page.  We love having Charlie join us every day for school.  It wouldn't be the same without him!


  1. I often wonder how moms of littles are able to homeschool. Great pictures :)

  2. While we don't homeschool, our photos look a lot like yours. Little ones dong their "homework", reading alongside the big kids, and just playing outside.
    Isn't it wonderful to have so many kids, spaced as they are, and get the chance to see how much the older ones love to take care of the younger kids? And how much the little guys adore the older siblings.
    Such a sweet group of boys you have.
    And the toys... we have that same tractor that no one has ever been able to pedal. :)

  3. Both of them look so cute and helpful to each other. When he’s also in the homeschooling he will get into some new things and he will meet friends.

  4. They are just so adorable! I love your patio furniture redo as well! Such a great idea. I am your newest follower from the Monday Mingle. Would love if you would come by for a visit.



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