Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meeting Teresa Tomeo & SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway is officially closed.  A great big thank you to all who participated!! 
Here are our WINNERS!!....
Kay Reike ~ "You Go, Girl!"
Kathleen ~ "Extreme Makeover"
Last weekend, I had the privilege of meeting renowned speaker and author, Teresa Tomeo, at a Catholic women's convention.  During the convention, she graciously shared with us her testimony and encouraged the women present to find the fullness of life by seeking and living a life in Christ. (You can read her extraordinary story in her book NEWSFLASH: My Surprising Journey From Secualr Anchor to Media Evangelist.)  

Teresa is a tremendous advocate for women ~ it is her great desire is to help them discover and embrace their identity, value and gifts as women as daughters of a King, not the objectified images that the media portrays a woman of value to be.

After hearing Teresa speak (her Italian spunk and humor captivated all of us!) I was compelled to read and share her books with you. In fact, I think they are so wonderful...
 I'm GIVING AWAY two SIGNED COPIES of them!!! 
The first one is:

Extreme Makeover is a powerful and passionately written book that awakens readers to the reality that the self-image of the American woman is being distorted by pop-culture and its emphasis on youth, physical beauty and sexuality. (Excerpt from the book description.).  A truly eye-opening work.  I highly recommend it to everyone!
Teresa's most recent publication. Wrapped Up would be a fantastic book study for a women's group, or   the perfect birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day gift!
I finished this book in one sitting.  The statistics are startling!! It is a must read for every parent!
Okay, you all know that I don't have a girl, but I couldn't resist sharing this one with all of you who have daughters! This is also the second book in the giveaway!!

If you would like to learn more about Teresa, her radio programs, books and speaking engagements, visit her website:

Please leave a comment with your e-mail and your book of choice ("Extreme Makeover" or "You Go Girl.")
If you comment does not publish, please send it to
I WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNER ON Monday, September 3rd!!


  1. I would choose Extreme Makeover. She is amazing! I got to hear her while we live in MI! katiepetko (at) yahoo (dot) come

  2. Oh! I want to try and win the "You Go Girl" for my four amazing girls. Thanks, Susan! Kay Rieke :)

  3. Thanks, Susan, even if I don't win. I always like to hear about books or authors that others find inspirational/informational. As my one daughter is surrounded by five brothers, I would love to give her You Go, Girl.

  4. Hi Susan- thank you for the gift of this blog! It is a beautiful example and inspiration. The book Extreme Makeover looks incredible and as a recent college grad, I'm reminded of the need for truth amidst shouting lies. Awakeningtruebeauty{at}

  5. I would like the You Go, Girl. Sounds like a great author! We missed you at mom's group this week. adriana{dot}heskett{at}gmail{dot}com.

  6. Thanks Susan, I want to read all of them. I have heard her speak but not read any of her books.

  7. I would love "You go Girl"--for my daughter!

  8. Would be thrilled with any of the choices!! Thanks Susan for always brightening our day!!

    Robin Bergkamp

  9. I would love either book...they both sound great. Thanks for the gift of your blog. You are amazing and you posts are always something I can relate to! You are a wonderful writer!

    Misti (

  10. I love your posts to Susan....keep on spinning your love out to us. Would love a book and would love to start a book club Sign me up.



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