Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And Then There Were TEN!!

Our wonderful friends, John and Elizabeth McLenon called us last week curious if they could swing by for a visit on their way out to Colorado.  We thought about it for a micro-second and screamed, "YA-YES!!!"
They rolled into the drive Monday evening safe and sound.  It might be of interest to note that they just had their fifth boy, Jameson Blaise.  By "just" I mean literally a week ago. If your mouth is gaping open right now, I'm with ya on that.
Elizabeth is A-MAZING! Holy Shmoley! I feel like a rock star if I can make my kids a bowl of cereal one week after giving birth, let alone hop in the family vehicle and drive six hours for a family vacation!  She's an inspiration, for sure!

To add to the list of miraculous events, our good ol' girl Girdie (the affectionate name given to our small but mighty casa de trailer, if you're new here) made room for everyone, keeping us all in close, but happy quarters.
Charlie was so overwhelmed with all of the wild excitement that he had to park it for a moment in his little red rocker close to mommy.  Poor thing! So, where did we put 10 boys and four adults, exactly??

Well, thankfully after supper was consumed - that's fine dining around the piano bench, we still had time to enjoy being outdoors, which helped keep our walls in tact given the fact that we don't have a basement and the mini-men had LOADS of energy after being squished in a van all day.

The boys ran around the farm, roasted marshmallows at the fire pit and took turns avoiding injury while the adults swooned over the baby and swapped stories over nerve soothing beverages.  Mmmmmmm!
Bedtime?? Well, to say that it resembled the sleeping quarters at a frat house wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination.  Eight boys in one little room (the babies were with their mammas, of course) smashed together in sleeping bags and bunk beds still managed to catch their zzzzz's.

Cheers to the mammas!  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.  Friends who would drive two hours off the beaten path to come and spend time with us.  Even though we are six hours apart, it seemed so easy just to pick up right where we left off.
As for this wild can only imagine all of the adventures that are yet to come!!

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