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The Things We Do (That We Said We'd Never Do) For Love: Beautycounter Beginnings

Three short days after Steve and I professed our "I do's" I found myself on a tractor in the middle of a wheat field following the man God had woven into my heart with a wild sort of joy I couldn't explain.

I also couldn't explain how I ended up there - in that field - pulling a grain cart between combine and truck, except to quote Blaise Paschal, The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing of!

Looking back on those honeymoon harvest days, I should have known that they would be a clear indication of the future, as being in love (a love that has only intensified over the years) often motivates us to do things we wouldn't normally do, things we don't plan to do, or even really want to do.

Fast forward 18 years and here I am, again, doing something so unplanned, so unexpected, so far out of my wheelhouse that even the boys are a little bit boggled by all of the baskets of the body wash and face cream laying around the house.  

But love {and illness} are big motivators - and they're the reason I've decided to become a consultant for an amazing company called Beautycounter.

One of the contributors to Steve's struggle for good health has been his body's inability to detox efficiently.  Toxins are all around us, and are often absorbed into the body through contact with the skin, by simply breathing, and of course through our diet.  

While I had done a significant amount of work to clean up our diet, as well as our environmental toxins by choosing safer cleaning products and detergents, I hadn't really scrutinized the personal care products we were using as a family on our bodies.

To be honest, I felt like I couldn't manage one more thing. Why can't something in my life just be simple? I asked that very question aloud to a good friend one day, and she suggested I check into a company called Beautycounter.  

Despite my skepticism and utter annoyance an having to sit in front of the computer in the late night hours to do more research (my Lyme/autoimmune people, you know what I'm talking about!), I decided to do the work anyway.

After reading about the company, and the strict safety standards Beautycounter follows when testing their products, I was hooked.  Finally, a brand I could trust, and use with confidence, and NOT have to think about being safe for Steve, and really for the whole family. {Discover Beautycounter's Safety Promise for yourself!}

Why does it matter what I put on my skin?

It's estimated that our skin has the potential to absorb 60-70% of what it comes into contact with.  Some chemicals are too big to pass through the upper layers of skin and into the blood stream, and other chemicals can be absorbed within as little as 20 seconds.  It makes sense to me, then, that if God created pores on our skin to flush out toxins, then those same toxin-releasing pores can also absorb toxins.  In essence, it really does matter what we put on our skin!

In my research, I was shocked to learn that the United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products since 1938.  This is astounding, considering there are over 10,000 chemicals being used in the personal care product industry today. Some of those we are putting on our skin every day. {Read more about that here.}

Over the past 20 years, the European Union has banned around 1,300 ingredients from use in personal care products. The United States? 30. 30!!! 

Even personal care products with an "organic" label are not regulated. Some of the "natural" products I've used in the past contain ingredients that are harmful - and I had no idea - because the label convinced me that it was completely safe to use.

When I discovered that Beautycounter is a mission based company, whose goal is to get safer products into the hands of everyone, my interest was peaked.  Their goal isn't just to create safe, high performing skin care - they also want to change the beauty industry

Beautycounter consultants are working with congress to pass legislation that would regulate the chemicals that could be allowed in any personal skin care product. 

What does that mean? It means that hopefully one day you and I will be able to pick up any of our favorite products off the shelf and not have to worry about whether or not they are safe for us and for our families to use.

I don't know about you, but I'm all about less worry, and more freedom! Until then, I can rest easy, knowing that Beautycounter has my back, and I have confidence knowing that they have one of the most rigorous standards for product screening in the industry, 

prohibiting the use of over 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients 
in all of their products

Many of those potentially harmful ingredients have been linked to cancer, endocrine disorders, fertility issues, developmental concerns, and allergies.  They have also been found to be present in the breastmilk of nursing mothers. 

When I consider all of the skin care products I've used over the years while pregnant, I confess, at first I felt guilty, but then I felt angry.  Why didn't I know? Why are these chemicals even allowed in my face soap and lotion? 

This is why I've decided to join Beautycounter's mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  Because, in caring for my husband through his sickness, I have first-hand experience with the effects chemicals can have on the body, and I know just how burdensome worrying about the health and safety of yourself and your family can be.  

Beautycounter lifts this worry from my shoulders.

Would you like to know what's in the products you're currently using, and discover their safety rating? You can search them out on EWG's Skin Deep database.  EWG also has an app, which is very handy for scanning everything from dish soap to toothpaste while shopping!

If you're curious about some of our products, here are a list of my 
Five Favorites:

1.  Countermatch Collection - Okay, so this is actually four products, but because they work together in an incredible way to hydrate, smooth, and improve skin tone, I consider them one heavy hitter! Perfect for all skin types, particularly combination skin.

2.  Brightening Facial Oil - Seven pregnancies and lots of sun from years of running has left several dark pigmentation spots on my face. This oil, when combined with my morning and night time moisturizer, has evened my skin tone and lightened the spots, not to mention bumping up my moisturizing game, which I've really needed this winter.

3.  Charcoal Bar - Charcoal is a wonderful detoxifying agent. If you struggle with an occasional break out, or if you have teens in the house with acne, this bar is a game changer!

4.  Baby Balm - Tis the season for dry skin. Dry knuckles, chapped lips, and eczema patches have met their match.  Baby balm is a wonder for all dry, irritated skin issues, and can be used for the whole family, not just babies! (View our wonderful baby line of products here.)

5.  Tint Skin Foundation - I've never been a big fan of make-up, mostly because I don't care for the way it makes my skin feel.  Beautycounter's Tint Skin is so light, I don't even feel like I'm wearing make-up.  My skin stays hydrated throughout the day, and because the coverage is buildable, I can always dial up the coverage if I need to, without it feeling thick or cakey.

Thinking about making the switch to safer?

Consider your priorities.  Is it skin care? Make up? Cleansers, lotions or sunscreen for the family? Beautycounter offers a variety of fantastic, high-performing yet safe skin care products for you and your family.  

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  1. I keep hearing about Beauty Counter and my skin after #5 is just looking old and tired.. I will check this out!

    1. I hear ya! It has done wonders for my skin! A lot of my first time clients have great results with simply starting with a cleanser and moisturizer from one of our lines, and adding in a few other products down the road. Please let me know if you have any questions!


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