Sunday, May 1, 2016

A 38 Week Belly Peek and A Last Minute List of Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Just a couple of days ago, I sent out an SOS on Facebook to any of my readers who would be willing to share with me their favorite tips on how to overcome the maternity blahs in the final stretch of pregnancy. Next to getting a pedicure and perking up what's left of my shrunken wardrobe with pretty earrings and some new lipstick, my favorite tip was going on a date with Steve.

I wish I could report that he is feeling top-notch, but unfortunately, he's hit another rough patch, so if you could keep those prayers coming, we would both be eternally grateful!  Knowing that his Lyme/mold symptoms are pretty ramped up, I hesitated to even suggest that we get away for an evening, but I'm glad I did, because he was totally on board.

He even agreed to snap a couple of pics of me and baby before we left, since I haven't taken much time to document this pregnancy:
I'm so thankful for maxi skirts and dresses right now, because pants are just evil, and most of my tops have mysteriously shrunk at least a size (or two).  So weird, because I'm sure it's not the pan of Paleo Almond Joy bars that I snarfed down last week.
I'm also hoping that the two dresses I can still squeeze into will not only help me feel more put together, but will also ramp up the grace and coordination factor a bit.  Last week I knocked over three saint statues and a box of rosaries while browsing at my favorite Catholic bookstore, and of course that all happened after giving the boys the don't touch anything, because if you break it we have to pay for it blah, blah, blah speech.

Super. Duper.

I was going to suggest that management consult some pregnant women the next time they consider product layout and floor design, but that might have been a bit much given the fact that, thanks to my rotundness, St. Patrick just lost his shamrock. I just hope that the Franklin I spent on all of the First Communion and Confirmation gifts was enough to make up for my belly blunder.

Anyway, despite the public humiliations, uncontrollable swelling and crazy vein action this baby is cranking up, just knowing that he or she will soon be outside my womb and inside my arms is such a wonderful consolation.

The boys are also getting very excited. It's fun to hear them chat about how cute he/she will be with their tiny toes and sweet smelling skin. Listening to them express with so much joy their great enthusiasm over being blessed with another sibling, turns my fears and anxiety into deep gratitude for the great privilege of carrying another life with me!

Motherhood is indeed a most precious gift!

Speaking of motherhood and gifts, Mother's day is just one week away! If you still haven't found something special for the beautiful mama(s) you may be shopping for, I'd love to help you:
Instead of a bouquet that will only last a few days, give her something that will last all summer! Local, family-owned greenhouses have the best selection of flower baskets and potted plants. Or, put a little extra love into it, and design one for her yourself! 

2.  A Frame Worthy Quote
I love all of the beautiful work my friend, Katrina, offers on her Etsy Shoppe, Hatch Prints.  Put one of her works of art in a pretty frame, and it makes a truly lovely gift.

3.  A Pretty Bottle of Wine
This is your excuse to buy a bottle based on the label alone.  When I spotted this one, I couldn't resist!  Write a toast to your special mom, and attach it to the bottle, for an extra nice touch.

4.  My Saint My Hero Accessories
I'm really loving so many of the pieces from this shoppe.  You'll be sure to find a perfect gift for the spiritual mom here.

5.  Write Her a Letter (On Pretty Paper)
Hand written notes are a lost treasure and, though simple, can make the most memorable gifts.  My sister has sent me a variety of stationary from Rifle Paper Co., and it is all truly beautiful.  They also offer many other gifts such as phone cases, calendars, and personal planners.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a gift that pampers.  My super-fun and sassy friend, Tara just introduced me to a new line of products called Perfectly Posh. When she told me they are "natural" and made in the U.S.A., I was hooked! You can check out all of their fabulous products here.



  1. Granny and Grandpa can hardly wait to hold this sweet little one. New life is such a precious gift!

  2. You look so radiant! And I will keep your store experience in mind and not frequent any small gift shops or Catholic bookstores when I'm in that stage of pregnancy-I'm awkward and clumsy enough when I'm not pregnant, and I'm even more so now that I'm pregnant haha.

  3. You look amazing, Mama! You dress is beautiful and so very flattering. You look incredible for 38 weeks. WOW! I love your houseful of sweet boys! Do they have opinions about who they want baby to be? I have a household of girls and I'm pregnant and our girls are split between who "wants" boy and who "wants" girl. Obviously they are all just excited about BABY mostly, but it's funny to hear what they say during the mysterious part (pregnancy) where we don't have any idea who the little angel will end up being.

    1. Hi Laura! My boys are convinced we are having another boy (of course!), and aren't even open to discussing the possibility of having a sister. Boy will they be surprised if the Lord sends us a girl! I hope your pregnancy is going well!

  4. The way you handle Steve's illness shows such strength, grace and faith. Glad you went on a date and you look gorgeous! Praying for Steve to feel better.

    1. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers. Most days, knowing that others are praying for him is my only consolation. It means a lot!

  5. You are classy, beautiful and strong.


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