Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rise & Shine Breakfast Basket ~ A Gift For Mamas of Newborns

Every time Steve and I welcome a new life into the world, we are truly spoiled by the kindness of family and friends who bring us delicious meals, thoughtful gifts, and offer to help with the little ones. One of the most memorable gifts I've received was given to me by a friend after the birth of our fourth son, Henry.

In lieu of freezer meals or new clothes, she brought me a breakfast basket. Aren't mornings the most difficult part of the day for mamas of newborns? They are for me! Her gift was such a bright surprise. Filling the basket were little baked goods, special coffee, jam, tea, and even a morning devotional with short readings that I could soak in before facing the day.

Her thoughtfulness and creativity has inspired me to to recreate the same gift for many of my friends over the years.  After choosing a cute, sturdy basket, I usually line it with a lovely hand towel, and coordinate the gifts to match. Before delivering the basket below, I tucked in a few pieces of white tissue paper to fill in the empty spaces, and to provide a little bit of cushion for the breakable items. 

Below is a list of ideas that might inspire you to make a breakfast basket for someone you know!
1.  A bag of really good coffee.

2.  Flavored syrup for the coffee.

3.  A delicious tea in a pretty tin.
{I really like this brand, which you can usually find at Target.}

4.  A special mug for the morning sips.
{The one I found in the picture above is from the Pioneer Woman line at Wal-Mart.}

5.  Pancake Mix
{My favorite shortcut is to buy a quality mix, and add mini chocolate chips to it.  Look for one that requires only the addition of milk or water.  Be sure to measure out an exact serving size and place it in a pretty jar or sturdy bag, and write the directions on a label.}

5.  Quick Breads, Scones, and Muffins
My go to recipes are for pumpkin bread, vanilla bean scones, and lemon poppyseed muffins.  Just choose your time-tested favorites. Even a nice sized batch of one thing is great!

6.  Gluten Free or Paleo Options
For the mom with special dietary needs, you can find a number of yummy gluten-free baked good recipes on my Pinterest page, and also a nice variety of Paleo options (including a delicious granola) on this page, too.

7.  Devotionals
{Just a few of my favorites:}

8.  Energizing Essential Oil Blends
I love to keep essential oils beside my bed.  A deep breath of their aroma in the morning, and a couple of drops on my wrists or behind the ears can have such an positive affect on my morning mood!

Do you have any suggestions for me? 
What would you put in your breakfast basket?


  1. I love this idea. I usually try to throw in a breakfast item when I take a meal to a family, but the entire idea of the website is just lovely.

  2. This is such a cool idea! So creative, practical, and lovely to look at. Baskets just make every present better, too. Whenever I give a gift to another person, I usually run to the store and try to find a small basket that I can put it all in, because it looks good and is a nice container for the other person to keep and use!

    The only thought I have in way of suggestion would be-if it's in season and available-to include a very small bit of fresh fruit, like raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries. I love carb-y breakfast-y foods with my coffee and tea, but I'm also a huge fan of fresh fruit and think it's nice to have a little fruit to start off the day.

    1. I love the idea of fresh fruit! Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is a great idea. I made Trader Joes pumpkin muffins in the mini muffin trays so you can grab and go. They were a hit for a friends. Also, an excellent grab and go item is trail mix. My SIL puts equal parts gharadelli chocolate chips, roasted peanuts, craisins and Reese's pieces. Best part is she even puts it in little snack baggies.

    1. Ooohh, I love the trail mix idea! A few grab-n-go items would be perfect. Thanks!

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  5. I think adding in a can of dry shampoo might be nice. Since, new moms don't have time for breakfast or to wash their hair, this might be a quick way for them to feel a little bit fresh!

    1. I think dry shampoo is a great idea! A basket of pampering/freshen-up gifts would make a great gift, too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this idea! I think fresh new pair of cozy socks would make a great addition too.

  7. This is such an excellent idea...and totally making a list for one for this week. go to would be typically pumpkin bread, teas, maybe some fresh honey, homemade dehydrated fruits (sibling special snacks), gorp for the siblings (oatmeal squares, cashews, peanut butter m&Ms, craisins). Spinning with ideas. I might try a springish bread.....lemony sounds great!


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