Thursday, April 23, 2015

Breakfast Time With Mr. Blue Eyes - My Morning Cup of Sunshine!

Today I'm blogging from Disaster Zone 5, also known as the guest bedroom/office/school supply overflow room/"if you don't know where it goes, just throw it in there" room.  (Do you have one of those?) Our house is a battle field. Total wreckage every day.  And I know it will all get better just as soon as I grow a third arm and no longer require sleep. So, basically never.  

Okay, super.

How am I handling my opposite of Pinterest life? Welp, first there's wine (of course), but also I'm really just striving to embrace *says between grit teeth* the chaos, to soak in all the laughter and joy that raising six robust boys brings.

Really, how can you even worry about the six inch crack in the wall or bacterial formations taking shape in the bathroom when you've got Mr. Blue Eyes gazing at you from across the room??
Joey has made the early morning hours a much less painful time of day for all of us night owls. His rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes have a way of making the weight of the world light as a feather.  
Check out my pearly whites. They're new. Cute, huh?
Every day the boys and I look forward to breakfast time with Fofalicious, because he really loves to eat, as you can see by the adorable addition of the second chin. (More to smooch!)
Shhh...I'm contemplating making a move for mom's bacon.
Joseph has completely fallen out of love with baby food, and prefers instead to play "I spy with my little eye" everyone else's munchies. Thankfully, his wittle tummy impedes the the extent of his grasp by a good six inches, giving us all just enough reaction time to move any choking hazards or allergy-inducing succulents away from his quick little grasp.

Feeding our babies has always brought me so much joy.  I love to cook, and even though filling eight hungry tummies three times a day can sometimes be tedious, for the most part, I really do enjoy nourishing not just the bodies but the souls of everyone who sits around our table.
Currently on the 10 month old's breakfast menu is Rice Krispies and bananas.  
I love to watch him focus in on the exact piece of cereal he wants and try over and over to pick it up with his chubby little pinchers. 

After about five minutes, feeding himself with the "chopsticks" is obviously not getting the hungry job done.  That's when he throws all cuteness out the window and takes the shove it in by the fist full approach.
Do not try this at home.  Or, on a date.
Oopsie daisy.  Too much, too much.  I think I might gag.  Keep it in, keep it in.
Whoa.  Boys.  That was a close one.
Yeah, baby! Two more months and I'll be ready for cake!

You might think that the baby feeding routine surely gets a little old after having six children, but I can't tell you with enough virtual emphasis that it truly never does.  I love it.  Every time our babies reach a milestone it's special.  To be able to spend my life with our children, watching them grow and develop is a privilege.  Within the sometimes overwhelming challenges that come with raising a big family, thanks to an outpouring of grace, my heart swells with joy and thanksgiving each and every day for these little moments.  They really are the two scoops in the feast of life.


  1. Oh my goodness he's adorable!!! Having a cute baby to hang out with really does make everything with older kids a lot more fun, too :)

    1. Rosie, I just LOVE watching the older boys interact with the younger ones. That was one aspect of raising a large family that I did not anticipate being so wonderful!

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  3. Those pictures are so cute (and the captions:)!!!

  4. He is just the cutest!!!! And all of those facial expressions are just the best!

    1. Thanks, Beth! He really does make life around here so much fun!


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