Friday, March 28, 2014

State Bound....But Barely! 7 Quick Takes & A Little Prayer Request

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Here's a little wrap-up for the week, short and sweet, since I've got to start stuffing suitcases for our weekend adventure....

/1./  State Bound
After winning 1st place at districts last Saturday our son, Andrew, earned the opportunity to wrestle at the state tournament which will take place this weekend at the capital city.  Unfortunately, on Monday, he came down with some crazy bug and has been sick all week long, which means he hasn't made it to even one practice or eaten anything substantial until yesterday.

Steve and I try to take a very balanced approach to sports, especially while the boys are so young, but I must admit, we've all been a little down this week, and have felt Andrew's disappointment in being sick right along side of him.  We gave him the choice to stay home or fight it out....and he's chosen to fight it out (Really?? Can't we just stay home and eat soup and watch movies?).  Please say an extra prayer for him this weekend, if you would!

/2./  Funny Bun-ies
Since the weather has been so nice lately, the boys have been running crazy over every square inch of the yard.  Yesterday I caught a glimpse of Charlie and George sword fighting on the trampoline.  I noticed Charlie had something orange stuck to his bottom, and when I went out to get a closer look, discovered that someone had stuck two sticky foam words to his sweats that said, "boo - boom."  George was the man behind that plan, explaining to me that it was supposed to say "boom - boom" but one of the m's fell off during battle. I hope our boys never stop being ornery.  I love it!!

/3./ Future Architects
Now that we've moved our school out into the little shed in our backyard, trips back and forth to the "library" have been a slight interruption to educational progress. The boys' solution: build an outhouse. No girls allowed (thank The Lord). I have been informed that this modern convenience comes complete with a cardboard box (recycled from the recycling) for #2 emergencies.  Ahem. 

/4./  Facebook Funnies
I'll admit I'm a sucker for quotes, especially funny ones. My Facebook page is a personal bulletin board of sarcasm, humor and a few endearing quotes as well. This was definitely my favorite post of the week:
Best description ever!

/5./  The Homestretch
These past few weeks have flown by!  I can't believe we're on the home stretch - just 10 weeks away from meeting this precious life that's been karate chopping my ribs like a boss for the past month!  

/6./  Weekend Reading
 This is the VERY BEST post I read this week.  Encouragement for all of us striving to live faithfully and fruitfully during these early years of parenting.

/7./ Just one More 
And, this is what you read after you've soaked in Jenny's post. This couple - wow, what a testimony of love, a tremendous affirmation of the openness to life and of faith in the fruits of sacrifice.  Get out your tissues.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. thanks for the shout out…and how cool is his wrestling singlet? The stuff the guys wore when I was in high school was atrocious, but that is actually really manly looking/kinda edgy. Hope he recovers and can rally!

  2. Oh, poor Andrew!! I hope that when the time comes to wrestle he has the strength he needs and the adrenaline to carry him through!!!
    Hopefully none of the rest of y'all end up with his bug - especially during your trip!!!
    If you have a break or get bored at waiting around between matches you should call - we are going to Manhattan for a cello contest for the morning and then will be back. If y'all are staying Saturday night you should look into seeing the Hobbit at Topeka Civic Theater. (785-220-3940)

  3. Good luck to your boy! And thanks for sharing those links.


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