Monday, March 31, 2014

In Honor of Spring - Chase Infinite GIVEAWAY!!

Doesn't it feel good to say that spring is finally here?? The earth is just waking up, giving us glimpses of green - budding trees, baby bulbs soon to bloom and carpets of grass ready to be kept.
The change of seasons not only gets me revved up to run, it also gets me excited about gear! I've been writing a lot lately about the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental benefits of exercise (check out my favorite busy mama workout!), so I hope you feel encouraged to get moving this spring. But if you need a little boost beyond reading my posts, how about the chance to...

Isn't half the fun of working out getting to slip on your favorite shoes, top or shorts? Last spring while running the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, I saw a gentleman running in cut off jean shorts.  I may have said ouch out loud. He must have missed the memo on chaffing, poor guy! Don't do that. Don't wear denim.  Denim hurts.  Choosing the right workout clothes isn't just about looking good, it's also about feeling comfortable throughout your workout.

I love it when I find apparel that runs double duty - function + style = comfortable performance. Discovering a fitness apparel company that believes in giving back makes my purchase even sweeter! In honor of spring, of and in honor of you, my awesome readers, I'm giving away your choice of tank from Chase Infinite!

$1 of EVERY tank purchased is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

2.  Stronger Than Every Fear Tank (in pink or purple)
$1 of EVERY tank purchased is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project!

Signing up for a chance to win is on of these awesome tanks is super-easy, just follow the prompts below.  

Are you training for a race, or have you set some new fitness goals? 
I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment!!
- Best of luck!! -

Have a beautiful week, everyone!!


  1. I love that you're writing about these things, Susan. I spent the first 10 years of marriage and childbearing overweight. naturally, I am quite small, so my body has practically given me a sigh of relief when I began to slough off mama guilt and hit the gym. I've lost 40 pounds over the last year or so. Right now I'm training for a 10K (this weekend), and a triathlon at the beginning of May. It is such a joy and a blessing.

    1. Way to go, Andrea!! Congratulations on your weight loss and in finding the courage to set such fantastic goals! Why do we, as moms, feel so much guilt about taking the time take care of ourselves? It's a fine balance, isn't it? Best of luck to you in your training and racing adventures!!

  2. I love the stuff at Run Pretty Far - have you seen the shirt that says "Run Long and Drink Wine"? I have that one!!!
    I love the SWEAT tank!

  3. I love the SWEAT tank! That's a good one.

  4. I am exercising again after several months off. What got me started was Body Electric on PBS, HA,HA, whatever works, right?

  5. I love the long-sleeved darkest before dawn t-shirt.

    I'm not a runner really, but I love working out and just started a new routine (interval training, ware aerobics from Kathy Smith) and I've definitely noticed an improvement!

  6. Just found your blog Susan. What wonderful work you are doing and love your posts. Looking forward to reading more often! Blessings!!

  7. Running at 30 weeks--that is great!! After having my fifth little one last summer, I started running again in the fall but then this brutal midwest winter came and I wasn't brave enough to keep up the routine. Now that its finally spring, I'm ready to re-start my running and ready to start feeling healthy again!! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  8. Seriously I love them all! I absolutely love your blog and can't believe I'm actually just signing up for emails NOW! I've been following you for a while!!

  9. I really like the 'Just Run' t shirt.

  10. Started running (on a treadmill) in October... never having run or been serious about any sports in my life (except piano...;).
    Had some setbacks with illnesses in December and January... finally up to 25 minutes without stopping. Planning to run the Life Run 5k on May 3!
    I have to admit, as of late (after your tips on prayer + exercise! ) I've attempted saying rosaries while running and my endurance is so much better! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, Susan! :-)

  11. I'm pretty new to your blog. Lots to look through, although it only took one peek to know that I'd love coming here!! I really like the tank above in this post that spells out SWEAT.

  12. New "official" follower! :) So, so blessed by your talks today at SJA. Thank you!


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