Sunday, January 26, 2014

What I Wore {to the Emergency Room} Sunday

Earlier this afternoon, I had taken a break from writing to go unearth a book from our library that I knew contained a quote that I just had to include in this post.  Seconds into my search, I heard a *very* loud thud, followed by a blood curdling scream, followed by four more screams and shouts of "Oh, NO!" and "Charlie, Charlie" and then, "MOOOOMMMM!!!"

Steve and I broke through the house with urgency, and found our sweet Charlie lying on the carpet, blood streaming down his forehead, surrounded by a teary-eyed team of frightened brothers.  I knew, without looking, that we were heading to the E.R.  Despite the chaotic emotions of the moment, Andrew managed to explain that Charlie ran through the middle of a pillow fight and a poof of flying fluff propelled him forward - smack into the corner of our buffet.
Sleeping sweetly in daddy's arms, waiting for stitches.
We scooped Charlie up in our arms and rushed out the door leaving behind a sad and worried bunch of boys who would wait anxiously all afternoon for our return.

There was a moment during the stitching process, when the nurses tried to comfort me, unable to ignore the teardrops that rained down from my cheeks on to the sheet wrapped tightly around such a brave little soul.  They kept saying how lucky we are to have five sons who have never had any broken bones, who had only seen stitches twice. If they only knew how my heart failed miserably to accept their words, thinking only of how every little wound my children endure hurts me a thousand times infinity.
Two hours and eight stitches later, we were home and, to our surprise, Charlie was back to being his sweet and silly self, requesting to be dressed in footie jammies and black dress shoes so that he could go outside and play with the troops who had sent him to stitches.  Boys are so forgiving, so forgetful.  I love that about them so very much.


Downton Abbey and a splash of wine tonight? Yes. Yes, please.

So.....What I wore today....
Hallelujah, baby!! We're half-way!!
 |  Dress: Old Navy  |  Scarf: The Feathered Nest  |  
|  Boots: Franco Sarto from Zappos  |
|  Earrings:  Francesca's  |  Bracelet:  The Buckle  |

I was very inspired by the readings today.

The people who walk in darkness Will see a great LIGHT; 
Those who live in a dark land, the LIGHT will shine on them.
~ Isaiah 9:2

The Lord is my LIGHT and my Salvation. 
~ Psalm 27:1

...the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light, on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death, a LIGHT has risen. 
~ Matthew 4:16

The beautiful connections between the gospel, psalm, and the old testament reading, for me, was a confirmation that the Lord is speaking to my heart (with repetition!), not only at Mass but also through a scripture study, hosted by A Holy Experience, that I started last week called The Jesus Project .
This was our memory verse for the week.  Perfect for Steve and I to tuck into our memory, as we take each day in faith, one step at a time, navigating a dark and uncertain time in our lives.

God is so good.  Even in the darkness, he does not leave us to wonder alone.

I encourage you to make the Jesus Project a part of your week.  This Wednesday Ann will post a new memory verse and reflection for week #3.  Let's be inspired and encouraged together!!

Have a great week, my friends!


  1. You earned definitely earned that splash o' wine mama :) And you look beautiful.

  2. Oh. You look so beautiful. Your picture surprised me, and immediately summoned tears to my eyes. So radiant, so joyful. What a blessing, that little life inside of you.
    Glad your little guy is ok. I have four girls, followed by a boy (who is 2). The things boys can do terrifies me about my future. I love him with such intensity; this mama heart can't imagine how you must have felt!

  3. Oh, poor little guy- glad he's feeling better!

    You look great, Susan! I love the colors of your scarf. And what a precious baby bump!

  4. Oh my goodness, poor Charlie! So glad everything's okay now :)

    You look so wonderful - the color combination is great and your bump is adorable!

  5. That color combination is fantastic! I never would have thought of that. I have been getting a bit more bold with my color combos and pattern mixing, though, and I'm enjoying the results to so far.

    I'm glad your little one is okay! I have a scar on the back of my hand from a retreat. At least his (if it scars) will make a good story?

  6. Susan, you look fantastic!
    Your boys are awesome!
    Your "dark and uncertain time"...I will be praying for you.

  7. Oh, poor Charlie. The blood that pours from a head wound is awfully scary. It is impressive that you haven't been to the ER more often. We've been many, many times. Our one child's head injury required 16 stitches, 8 inside and 8 outside. I pray he heals up nicely.

    I will also pray for whatever is troubling you and Steve.

  8. Poor little love! So glad to hear he's mending like a boy should!

    Also, the colors of your outfit! I'm inspired to try and interpret that combo myself!!

  9. Our 2 year old gave the baby a nursemaid's elbow earlier this week and I was a basket case. I can only imagine how you felt with your sweet baby bleeding. I'm so glad he is smiling and happy again. Your outfit is lovely. You are a radiant pregnant Mama! I love the entire outfit!

  10. Oy. Poor baby, poor mama. Glad he's feeling better. Now YOU relax.

  11. So glad he's okay!

    And I love your outfit!

  12. You look so pretty! You do pregnancy well. Sorry about poor Charlie, glad he's ok! So scary.

  13. You are so cute!!!
    I'm sorry that you had such a stressful experience - never ever fun to see one of your kiddos hurting. I'm glad that he bounced back so quickly - probably was good for all the brothers, too!!

  14. Gorgeous photos! Are you finding out the baby's gender soon?

    Very glad you survived the ER!


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