Wednesday, January 22, 2014

They're Not Afraid of a Little Snow - March On, My Friends!

If you watch the news at all today, or catch the headlines online, more than likely you will not hear much, if anything at all, about the March for Life being held at our nation's capital, and at many state capitals across the country.  Coverage of this incredible event will be minimal at best, and historically the coverage is completely inaccurate (yawn - surprise). Reporters may tell you that the number of pro-life and pro-choice representatives are the same, giving preferential coverage to the small number of pro-choice marchers, while completely ignoring the sea of pro-life marchers assembled joyfully and prayerfully behind them.  I know this from first hand experience.  I've been there, I witnessed it all, I've marched and I cannot describe how awe-inspiring it is to participate.

In a 30 second "news" bite, reporters manage to make their horribly inaccurate visual calculations sound legitimate (because no one really cares anyway, right?), reporting the pro-life numbers to be in the thousands, but despite their fact-checking failures (what they need is a reality check), truth always manages to surface above the bias that the numbers are not in the thousands, but hundreds of thousands.  During my college years of participation, the estimated number was somewhere around 650,000 (!!!!) and I can only imagine that it has grown since then.
I am so proud of the Benedictine college students from Atchison, KS, who are leading the march this year in memory of the 50 million babies who have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade became law in 1973, and for every single baby who waits in the womb of his mother to be welcomed into the world.

I am inspired by these students, who think nothing of weathering hours in the cold after a 25 hour non-stop bus trip. Amazing.  I remember that bus trip well! Long, uncomfortable, exhausting, and unforgettably wonderful at the same time.  I made life-long friends along the road between Kansas and D.C., and, like so many others, those friendships were forged in one united flame - the flame of the fire for life.  Steve and I stayed up last night and discussed the possibility of taking our family next year, something we've always dreamed of doing....I think the time is near!

I hope that you will join me today in praying for them, in praying for the the people of our nation and our government leaders.  In the end, it doesn't really matter if the law favors abortion, what matters is that women feel free in truth to make the decision, uninfluenced by the law, to say yes to life.  What matters is that we establish a law in this land that is far above the written law, and that is the law of love.  A love that that WE as Americans live, a love that supports all pregnant women with compassion, prayers, encouragement, financial assistance, authentic friendship and an unwavering dedication to help them see their decision for life through.

Want to see how the pro-life movement has been working in the defense of life over the past 40 years, and how they are growing in number and strength?? Leave it to the great people of Texas (man, I love 'em!) to show us:

"I have come that they might have LIFE and have it to the full." 
- John 10:10

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  1. Wow - I didn't realize that Benedictine College did that - very awesome!!!

  2. Not only was there snow on the ground, and awful driving conditions all day yesterday for all those arriving in town for the March, but let it be known that the windchill here today was 15 BELOW ZERO! God bless all who march and came today despite the horrible weather greeting them in DC.

  3. Awesome post! We are hoping to go next year, too! God bless those who marched today and safe travels for all!

  4. Thanks for posting this, Susan! Every year I remember those bus trips (exhilirating, crazy, tiring and prayerful - all at the same time) and the awesome, faith-filled people who were on them - you included! Sometimes I wish I could go again, but I remind myself that I am witnessing in my own way with my family at this point in time. We are raising the next generation of marchers!

  5. Might sound cheesy, but the love for life kept us warm! I swear, despite the freezing temps, we didn't mind it! Our staff took 3 coach buses from IL of college students...the pro-life generation will prevail!

    Oh, and check out this awesome video of the March for Life Chicago on 1/19...our intern, Anna, is the young girl they show speaking for most of the video (Loyola student) :)


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