Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Perfect Last Minute Gift ~ Creative Handmade Bookmarks

Hello, Friends!! I'm so happy you are here, because today I have a wonderful gift to share with you! My beautiful friend, Kelly, from This Ain't the Lyceum, has ever so kindly offered to compose a guest post for me, since I've got a little "I'm trying to grow a baby here" fatigue goin' on, and blogging has been taken over by naps and snacks. She truly understands!  If you haven't added Kelly's blog to your list of favorites, you will need to do that right now, because I promise her sense of humor, zest for life and all things motherhood, her beautiful writing style and creative approach to homeschooling (sprinkled with the perfect amount of sarcasm) will keep you coming back week after week. Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your creative genius with all of us today!...
Inadvertently, at some point in the final days before Christmas, one of your kids is going to utter the words, “I still need a present for my music teacher, best friend, grandma, cousin, mailman,
etc.!” Do you a.) pull out your hair while walking them around a crowded store or b.) search
through the house for new­ish items to re­gift, provided the recipient has poor eyesight? Well no more! Let me present you with the perfect, last minute gift idea that is practical and useful
for the recipient, yet simple enough for non­crafty types of all ages and created from items easily
found around the house. Behold, the humble bookmark.
Bookmarks can be as simple or elaborate as your imagination. They look great tucked in an
envelope, used as a gift tag, peeking out of a stocking, or slipped in a favorite book. My kids range in age from three to eleven and bookmarks are still a fun craft we can all work on together. I’m going to share a few of our favorite designs to inspire you and then the sky’s the limit!

My favorite bookmark was inspired by this pattern over at Wee Folk Art. I took Kimara’s gnome design and altered it slightly. I make these out of cereal or cracker boxes, covering the glossy, product side with patterned paper, and cut the gnome’s hat, beard and book from other scraps I find lying around the art table or magazine bin. ‘Highlights’ magazines usually have enough red for a bright hat.
I use a store bought bookmark as a template for simpler bookmarks. If you need a template, I’ve
often used these as well.  My kids cut bookmarks from magazine covers and give bundles to
friends or we’ll cut some of my youngest’s artwork out, and paste it to cardboard for grandparents
whose refrigerators are otherwise covered with masterpieces.
Bookmarks can be adorned with the smallest bits of scrapbook paper, washi tape, stickers and
stamps. If you have a laminator or clear packaging tape, your creations can be made water
resistant and include items like pressed flowers too. Here’s an array of some of our favorites.Can
you see the teeth marks in the laminated ones? Perfect for a house with littles. The bookmarks
may outlast the board books.
Do you save Christmas cards? Why not upcycle them into a festive bookmark? The two layers of
The possibilities are endless. Forget the last minute store run and spend a fun evening at home
creating a useful gift that your friends and family are sure to enjoy for years to come. Who knows, it might be a new Advent tradition in the making.


  1. Bless you, Kelly and Susan! Just what the harried mom ordered! :)

  2. Book marks from Christmas cards, that is pure gold!!! Thanks for that!!!! :)

  3. Last minute is my specialty. This is just what the doctor ordered!


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