Monday, December 9, 2013

Girls (and boys) Get Your Guns!! - The Sporting Clay Tradition Continues

A couple of years ago, Steve asked me what I thought about buying a clay throwing machine to kick our family adventures up a notch, to which I mumbled something about a double oven, commercial sized dishwasher and a nanny.  If I remember right, that conversation ended in mom, resigning herself, once again, to the task of rearranging the garage to make room for more of the guys' crap "necessities."  I'll admit it, I do have a habit of stomping my heels every in a while in protest to all of the sports equipment, hunting toys and camping gear that have infiltrated my home, but only because there isn't a pink tutu or little play kitchen to strike a balance in my home decor.

BUT.....then there are those rare occasions when we dig those "necessities" out of the garage and low and behold, everyone, even the girls, gather 'round for a good time.  Of course I still dream of that double oven and Hobart dishwasher, but for now, the trap shooting machine will have to do.  If only it could bake and throw cookies.
This year, being the good Thanksgiving hostess that I am....that I was....after serving up a table full of hearty fare, I kicked everyone outside for some fun - Husband style.  The weather was gorgeous here over the holiday, which made spending the afternoon of shooting up clays even more fun.
Since we are temporarily surviving living on a city lot, a kind family from our parish was generous enough to lend us their acreage for the afternoon.  Here's the master, getting everything set just right.
My older brother, Steve (better known as Uncle Donut), my Dad, and my younger brother Scott, kept things lively with their usual crazy humor.  They shoot the guns, I shoot the fuzzy family photos.
The boys weren't the only ones who came out to play! My nieces, Camryn and Lauryn, sitting pretty on the back of the pick up truck, were happy to help entertain Charlie while I roamed around taking pics.
I have known these girls since they were tiny babes! How quickly time has passed....I can't believe how grown up they are, now!
A senior pic moment with Lauryn.  Except she's a junior.  Junior pic moment.
As long as I'm highlighting the ladies here, I have to take a minute to say that the absolute BEST moment of the entire afternoon was when my mom stepped up to the firing line and fearlessly shot a few rounds herself!  She really is the classiest lady I've ever known, but let me tell you, she can kill and feather and fry a chicken, and she sure as heck can shoot a gun!
Dad, in his gentle way, gave mom a few instructions before she took aim.  We all looked on in admiration at how sweet they were together! 
Afterward, Dad leaned over to me and said, "Now, that's my lady!" {What a dear!}
Somehow I clicked the action at just the right time and caught the yellow shell being ejected from mom's gun flying through the air! These are the memories I love to tuck away in the scrap books for future generations to admire!
Gettin' ready!
Takin' aim!
Firin' away!! 
Our boys live for the chance to spend some time with their cousin, Garrett.  He brought some serious competition to the game, not to mention a healthy dose of Splichal spunk!!
They also smile that big when memorizing Latin phrases and taking out the trash.  Oh, I wish!
Our little Mr. Charlie, sporting his newest accessory.  Those are actually mine.  I wear them during tantrums and wrestling matches.
My dad has a wonderful sense of humor.  He's always teasing the boys, and let me tell you, they never back down! They tease him right back, and before long everyone is in stitches - that's memory making at its best!
I'll admit that sometimes it's easier to just sit inside and watch television and enjoy a lazy day. But, after having read this book, Steve and I are now more convinced than ever that being outdoors in the grandeur of nature, and experiencing all of the wonder and beauty in the company of others, will always be more satisfying to the soul than a techno-centered life.
This guy is our sharp shooter.  
He's been known to send his father back to his seat in the game of "knock out" more than a time or two!  
Watching the sun set over the pond was the perfect end to a beautiful day!


  1. Oooh! Our families would have a lot to talk about! Especially the boys. The girls enjoy shooting sports but I think the boys must have a greater natural capacity for enjoying such tools! Looks like a whole lot of fun. :)

    1. I agree - I love to get out there and shoot with the boys, but I'll never enjoy it as much as they do. I think it's just the way we are wired. Either way, it's great family time!

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon!!
    Your parents are so cute together - your mom looks great - hope she's feeling as well as she looks!!
    Your nieces are gorgeous!!

    1. Aren't they adorable??!! I love them so much, and the photos really capture who they are as a couple. It's such a gift to see them having fun and being flirtatious after all these years!


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